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Celebrities Who Have Donated Organs

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:09 pm

1.Dick Cass - Donated Kidney

Richard W. "Dick" Cass has been helpful to people on the field and in his personal life. In 2006, just two years after becoming the president of the Baltimore Ravens football team, Cass donated his kidney to a Yale Law School friend. The surgery was performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

2.Jake Garn - Donated Kidney

Edwin Jacob "Jake"Garn is a former U.S. Senator of Utah and a Space Shuttle specialist. In 1986, Garn donated a kidney to his daughter, Susan Horne, who was suffering from kidney failure due to diabetes. Garn was 53-years-old at the time. The surgery was successfully performed at Georgetown University Hospital.

3.Jon-Erik Hexum - Donated Heart, Corneas and Kidneys

Jon-Erik Hexum was more than just a gorgeous face. In1984, while on the set of his show, "Cover Up."Hexum was playing around with a gun on the set, which was loaded with blanks, in a game of Russian Roulette. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Upon his death, Hexum's heart, kidneys and corneas were donated to several different recipients.

4.Virginia Postrel

Virginia Postrel is an esteemed political writer and author. She has been known for her staunch liberal views. But when a friend needed her help, she ran to her side. In 2006, Postrel donated a kidney to friend and fellow writer, Sally Satel. Following the donation, Postrel remarked on the experience through several healthcare-related articles and blog posts.

5.Dr. Rajkumar - Donated Eyes

Dr. Rajkumar (also known as Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju) was an inspiration to all who knew him. In 2006, actor Rajkumar died at his home in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore due to a cardiac arrest. Before he died, Rajkumar asked that his eyes be donated. His wish was granted and his eyes were donated to two people the next day.

6.Neda Agha-Soltan - Donated Various Organs

Neda Agha-Soltan was an Iranian martyr. At age 26, she was shot dead during the 2009 Iranian election protests. Agha-Soltan was an innocent onlooker at the political protest. Her death caught international attention when videos of her death circulated the web. Several of her organs were donated upon her tragic death.

7.Angelico Vieira - Donated Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys

Angelico Vieira(also known as Sandro Milton Vieira Angelico) was a popular Portuguese actor and singer. On June 28, 2011, Vieria died at the age of 28 due to a car crash he was in just three days earlier. The late singer's liver, pancreas, and kidneys were donated upon his death.


8.Natasha Richardson - Donated All Organs

Actress Natasha Richardson was a beloved film and stage actress. She died on March 18, 2009 after suffering from epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head. She was a giver in both life and death. Richardson had already made arrangements before her death to have her organs donated and her wish was honored.

9.Olle Westling - Donated Kidney

Swedish socionom and municipal civil servant, Olle Westling has always been known for his volunteer work. But one of the best jobs he ever volunteered for involved his son Prince Daniel, Duke of V�sterg�tland. Prince Daniel suffered from a congenital illness. On May 28, 2009, Westling underwent a kidney transplant at Karolinska University Hospital. His father, Olle, was the donor.


10.Everson Walls -Donated Kidney

Former NFL player Everson Walls is a team player both on and off the field. On December 12, 2006, the story broke that Walls had decided to donate a kidney to former Cowboys teammate Ron Springs. It is said that Springs was suffering from diabetes and needed the transplant. The surgery was successfully completed in March 2007.

11.Nandita Das - Donated All Organs

Nandita Das is known for her acting and smoldering looks. But she's also a philanthropist. She hasn't donated any organs yet, but the stunning actress has given her solemn vow to do so. She has already vowed to donate all of her organs to whoever might need them. She believes that "saving someone's life is the best death ever"!


12.Oscar Robertson - Donated Kidney

Oscar 'The Big O' Robertson wasn't just an amazing athlete, he was also a great father. In 1997, at age 59, Robertson donated one of his kidneys to his daughter Tia. She was suffering from lupus-related kidney failure.Due to his efforts and donation, the former NBA player has been an honorary spokesman for the National Kidney Foundation.


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