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Celebrities Who Went From Riches To Rags

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:16 pm

1.Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman was a beloved child star who became a household name instantly! His run on the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes should have made him set for life, but that wasn't so. He had to file for bankruptcy when both his family and manager spent the money he received during his career. He sued them for $3.8 million and was awarded $1,280,000. He never fully recovered from this financial deficit and ended up working as a security guard later on in life. Coleman died in 2010 at the age of 42.

2.Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger was a huge star in the 80s. Her fame continued into the 90s, but in 1993 she lost tons of money due to a bad investment and being sued for pulling out of a movie. In 1998, she revamped her career when she won her first (and only) Oscar for 'Best Supporting Actress' for L.A. Confidential. Years later, Basinger is said to be suffering from agoraph0bia - a panic disorder where the person has attacks of intense fear and anxiety. She has been working in recent years, but she's a Z-list celebrity now at best.

3.MC Hammer - Musician

MC Hammer revolutionized the Hip-Hop industry with his quick lyrics, style and overall demeanor. Places everywhere were playing his mega-hits "Too Legit to Quit" and "Can't Touch This." It seemed as though he was set for life. Much to everyone's surprise, in 1996 MC Hammer went broke with $13 million in debt. He has since tried to revamp his music career, but has come up short so far.

4.Willie Aames

Willie Aames is one of the few stars who lucked out and got to star on two hit shows. Sadly, those two shows weren't enough to keep him from filing for bankruptcy and facing foreclosure. Due to these series of unfortunate events, Aames found himself sleeping under bushes and in parking garages for a few years.

5.Brett Butler - Comedian/Actress

Brett Butler was once seen as one of the funniest women of our generation. Her show, Grace Under Fire, was a favorite in American households. Little did the public know, but the actress was actually battling drug addiction during the show's run. She even spent time in rehab for her addiction. After her show was cancelled, she moved from LA and began living on a far. Soon after, she ended up homeless. Butler was last seen playing a Bartender on the FX show, Anger Management.

6.Danny Bonaduce - Actor

Danny Bonaduce was a child star who could have had a huge career. He began acting at 11-years-old and was the break-out star of The Partridge Family. Once the show ended, Bonaduce began using drugs and drinking. He ended up homeless and began living in his car for a short period of time. He is now said to be sober, but his career is nonexistent.

7.Natasha Lyonne - Actress

American Pie star Natasha Lyonne was sought after frequently for roles in the 1990s, but the same can't be said today. Lyonne ended up living on the streets after constant run-ins with the law. She is in the process of putting her career back together, but she's only a fraction of her former self.


8.Sugar Ray Williams - Athlete

Sugar Ray Williams was once hailed as one of the best athletes around. For over 10-years, he was the captain of the New York Knicks.He later played for the Boston Celtics and led all-around successful NBA career. Unfortunately, in 2010 it was reported that Williams was sleeping in the backseat of his 1992 Buick in Florida.

9.Margot Kidder- Actress

Margot Kidder will always be Lois Lane. The actress was riding high on fame and fortune after nabbing the role in the Christopher Reeve Superman films. She was a starlet, but somewhere down the line Kidder's life began to unravel. For a while she was sleeping in cardboard boxes and random yards in California. Some believe that she battled with manic depression and schizophrenia at one point. Though she is much better now, she is not the star she once was.


10.Alex Lambert - American Idol contestant

Sometimes dreams don't come true. Former American Idol contestant Alex Lambert has gone from singing on live television to being homeless. Lambert moved from Texas to California to pursue a music career. He didn't win the reality completion show and has not given up on his dream. This has led to him being homeless and living out of his career in Los Angeles.

11.Sly Stone - Musician

Sly Stone was once seen as one of the movers and shakers in the music industry. He was the frontman of the band, Sly & the Family Stone. Sly Stone owned several homes across the USA at one point. However, due to some poor monetary choices, Stone is now living out of a van in Los Angeles.


12.Randy Quaid - Actor

Funnyman Randy Quaid was a huge star in the 1980s. He starred in various films, such as National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The Wraith and the 1996 film, Independence Day. Sadly, his career stalled in the 90s and the money problems began. In recent years, Quaid and his wife were charged with skipping out on a hotel bill of over $10,000. He and his wife are said to be homeless currently.


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