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24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:44 am

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the world, with thousands of women going under the knife to increase their breast size, Celebrities aren't an exception either. Many celebs already have breast implants or what commonly known as fake boobs, with very few celebrities who had a breast reduction surgery to get the perfect figure. In fact, very few celebrities prefer staying natural despite aging or other things affecting the size and shape of their breasts. One can detect fake breasts just by looking at them. Fake boobs are rounder than Earth, and clearly, defy its gravity! Needless to say, the gap between two fake breasts looks very unpleasant. Here are 24 Hollywood celebrities who had breast implants.
16.Janet Jackson

Janet was just as well going ahead and having her breasts done because the Jackson family seem to have had every other type of plastic surgery going. It seems to have gone well, but we did of course become familiar with the procedure when she had that malfunction at the Superbowl.

Janet Jackson-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

17.Salma Hayek

OK so we know that she has had work done due to the way in which she tends to wear necklines that could only be described as plunging. However, we are certainly not going to complain about it as the surgeon has clearly done a very good job of it.

Salma Hayek-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

18.Tori Spelling

It came out that Tori had her breasts done only because the augmentation process seemed to go horribly wrong. It is kind of tough on the person that has had it done when they have to admit to it only because of a mistake.

Tori Spelling-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

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