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12 Celebrities With Shocking Criminal Past

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:01 am

Before making a star your role model, ensure that he or she is not on this list! This topic discusses the shady past of celebrities who spent time in prison or doing community service. If you think the reason for the arrest of these celebs was illegal drug possession, you are wrong. Oh yes, we agree that many celebs love drugs as much as we all love pizza, but some of these stars have committed far shocking crimes than smoking pot or snorting coke! With all due respect to their behavioral change and professional achievements, let us shed some light on these 12 celebrities' criminal past.

#6 Dr Dre

The fact that a rapper has a criminal history is not the biggest surprise that you will come across today. However, The $700 Million net worth rapper Dr Dre was convicted of assault leading to him being fined and having to do a spot of community service. In all honesty this is small stuff compared to some of the other musicians out there, but he is perhaps not as clean cut as his image is made out to be.

Dr Dre-12 Celebrities With  Shocking Criminal Past


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