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15 Celebrities Posing With Younger Versions Of Themselves

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 6:36 am

Time flies by faster than we think. Try to remember the child actors in all those movies and TV shows we used to watch when we were kids. Those famous childhood actors of yesteryears have fully grown up to be adults now. They look a lot different from how they used to appear when they were kids! Have you ever tried to compare pictures of former child actors with their present pictures? Don't you think the comparison will be interesting? We will do that for you. Check fifteen pictures that show celebrities posing with the younger versions of themselves! Don't forget to thank Photoshop for making it possible! 
1.Rocking as you get older

What James Hatfield shows here is that you can indeed continue rocking on as you get older and it does not have to destroy your health. Sure he looks a bit older and his hair is shorter, but overall he still looks very healthy even with all of the hard living.

Rocking as you get older-15 Celebrities Posing With Younger Versions Of Themselves

2.Are they twins?

Robert has of course been a huge star since the Twilight series, but in this picture that apparently shows an older version beside a younger version would be forgiven for thinking that he had a twin. The only difference is the angle he is standing at and he wears a suit.

Are they twins?-15 Celebrities Posing With Younger Versions Of Themselves

3.Bryan Cranston

Well here is a bit of a change because Bryan has certainly aged a fair bit. The skin has more wrinkles in it, the nose seems bigger for some reason, and overall he just looks older, but then that is because he is.

Bryan Cranston-15 Celebrities Posing With Younger Versions Of Themselves

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