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15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:12 am

Have you ever seen someone without eyebrows before?  You are sure to meet one if you live in one of those hipster neighborhoods, or have a girlfriend who shaves her eyebrows just to draw them back on! In general, we are less likely to encounter such people. Eyebrows are a critical feature of the human face, although scientists can't accurately tell how they are useful to us. Their function is hypothesized to keep water, sweat, and debris from falling straight into the eye socket. We believe that the primary purpose of eyebrows is to make us look good. Check the photos of these 15 celebrities without eyebrows, and we bet you will agree with us!
1.James McAvoy

James McAvoy is a good actor, but he clearly needs his eyebrows to be taken seriously as this image shows. He has too much space between his eyes and his hair in this picture as it appears as if his forehead just goes on forever. For some reason it also seems to have made his eyes smaller and shrink into his head, so ultimately this is not a look that you would be proud of.

James McAvoy-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

2.Steve Tyler

This guy is so cool that you can forgive him for having no eyebrows as he does seem to wear it well and you also know that he would not care about them being missing. He has so much hair everywhere else anyway that this is just a small mishap that does not even alter his face that much. He is a different looking guy anyway, so having no eyebrows does not change your perception of him at all.

3.Donald Trump

Perhaps the funniest part about this image of Donald Trump is you partly think that nothing has been done to it and that he looks like this naturally. Nothing seems to have changed with him and anyway would he not just transplant some of that hair on his head to his brows in order to replace them? He certainly is not as scary as he should be as soon as you take off those eyebrows.Just in case if you're fond of Donald Trump, here are 15 hilarious tweets about Donald Trump

Donald Trump-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

4.Barack Obama

The one thing that this picture shows is that if you are going to lead the United States, then you need eyebrows. This picture is scary in its own way as he does appear to have lost some of his statesman like presence simply by having those two bits of hair removed. Yes you still recognize him, but would you listen to him the same without his eyebrows? Did you know Barack Obama has parents of different race?

Barack Obama-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

5.Angelina Jolie

This simple act of removing her eyebrows has turned the millions net worth actress Angelina Jolie from sex symbol into a possessed woman. It is amazing how much of her overall appearance seems to be due to her eyebrows and you will at least partly change your opinion of her when you check out her lack of eyebrows. You wonder if Brad Pitt would think the same about her after seeing her like this? Maybe not. Did you know Angelina Jolie is bisexual?

Angelina Jolie-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

6.Justin Timberlake

Former Disney Channel star Justin Timberlake no longer looks like the heartthrob that women throw underwear at and now looks like a gang member that is in jail for 25 years. Yes he has that look due to a movie, but having no eyebrows really does add to it and makes him look quite menacing in all honesty and somebody you would avoid. It really does make his stare even more intimidating and he would not be as big a star if he looked like this. Did you know Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake?

7.Charlie Sheen

The thing about Charlie Sheen is you can imagine this happening, but by the time he himself realized they would have grown back bigger and better than ever. He probably doesn't even know this picture has been taken as he will be so high and it does make it likely that he would not miss his eyebrows one bit. The only surprising thing would be if he managed to shave off both as surely he would miss with one and end up with half and half? Did you know Charlie Sheen cheated on popular model Donna Peele?

Charlie Sheen-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before


8.Chuck Norris

The eyebrows did not leave Chuck Norris. Instead, The famous Chuck Norris memes star ripped off his eyebrows as they were annoying him. He does actually look different, but at the same time still scary in his own way and you would still not ask him for a fight or make a comment about his lack of eyebrows. You just know that they would be scared to grow back as well unless he told them to.

Chuck Norris-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before


The thing about this image of Rihanna is that you can actually imagine it happening to her after she has got high or drunk at a party. In all honesty she wears no eyebrows pretty well, as far as anybody can wear this look well, but she is helped by her hair being low and hiding a lot of her forehead. This is perhaps one of the very few pictures where you would be forgiven for missing the fact that she has no eyebrows unlike others that are out there. Did you know Rihanna's feet and legs are as beautiful as her face according to feet admirer community?


10.Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe's eyebrows look much thicker than the mustaches of many young guys! We just can't imagine the "Harry Potter" star without his big brows.  As you can see in this photograph of Daniel Radcliffe without eyebrows, he looks a bit like his bitter foe, Voldemort! Hey, calm down Voldemort! It was just a Photoshopped picture, and Harry Potter looks much better than you are on any given day!  Now, get your nose fixed! Muggles are excellent at making ugly people look beautiful. The knives of our plastic surgeons work much better than your wands or potions! Fun Fact: Daniel Radcliffe can actually sing.

Daniel Radcliffe-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

11.Anne Hathaway

Without her eyebrows, Anne Hathaway does loose some of that angelic look about her and indeed looks slightly alien like. Her eyes appear to be like two dinner plates as they are huge and now look slightly out of proportion with the rest of her head. You would expect her to then have to paint on huge eyebrows to make up for it and to then look normal in some kind of way. Did you know Anne Hathaway had an awkward sex scene while filming for a movie?

12.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is it just me or does Arnie now slightly resemble John Travolta when you take off his eyebrows? He actually looks evil without them and the way he is pointing in this image just adds to that feeling. If he asked you for money, then you would give him it ASAP for fear of what this non-eyebrow guy would do to you if annoyed, but then how would you know? Did you know Arnold schwarzenegger was once a pornstar?

13.Miley Cyrus

Right now having no eyebrows is the least of her concern, Apparently, Miley Cyrus' feet are more popular than her eyebrows. But she does look different in this older picture of her without those eyebrows. However, at this moment in time Miley Cyrus is more likely to have the word sex sculpted into her eyebrows rather than shaving them off, but it does show how she appears to develop such a high forehead without those brows. Did you know Miley Cyrus has a less known step brother?

14.Robert Pattinson

Robert goes from looking like a sinister character with those eyebrows to looking like the victim of a High School prank gone wrong. He still looks like he is up to something, but without those eyebrows he loses so much of his expression that he now looks slightly confused more than anything else. Did you know Robert Pattinson had an awkward sex scene while filming Map to the stars?

15.Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a gorgeous Jewish woman. Shave her eyebrows, and she will become one of the ugliest people on the planet! Well, that's the power of eyebrows! Don't you think she looks a bit like an alien cat princess? Thanks to her long and dark hair, she is at least not looking scary! Listen guys. What would your reaction be if browless Mila Kunis asked you to spend the rest of your life with her? Assume that she is permanently browless and don't even prefer drawing eyebrows on! Did you know Mila Kunis is a real life hero?

Mila Kunis-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before


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