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15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:12 am

Have you ever seen someone without eyebrows before?  You are sure to meet one if you live in one of those hipster neighborhoods, or have a girlfriend who shaves her eyebrows just to draw them back on! In general, we are less likely to encounter such people. Eyebrows are a critical feature of the human face, although scientists can't accurately tell how they are useful to us. Their function is hypothesized to keep water, sweat, and debris from falling straight into the eye socket. We believe that the primary purpose of eyebrows is to make us look good. Check the photos of these 15 celebrities without eyebrows, and we bet you will agree with us!

#14 Steve Tyler

This guy is so cool that you can forgive him for having no eyebrows as he does seem to wear it well and you also know that he would not care about them being missing. He has so much hair everywhere else anyway that this is just a small mishap that does not even alter his face that much. He is a different looking guy anyway, so having no eyebrows does not change your perception of him at all.

Steve Tyler-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before



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