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Celebrities In Hot Halloween Costumes

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 7:41 pm

1.Paris Hilton..again

Paris seems to also want to join the police force, but then she has been stopped that often that she should know quite a lot about them. However, she will have never been stopped by somebody looking like this, or there would be some explaining to do.

2.Audrina Patridge

Do we really care about whether this outfit is one of the best out there when she looks so hot in it? You get to see how amazing her legs are and glimpses of her body and that alone is well worth including this photograph.

3.Angela Simmons

Yes this is her as Minnie Mouse and even though you will have never seen Minnie in this way before, are you actually upset about it? Lets be completely honest here and say that you now have a new found love for that character.

4.Jayde Nicole

This is another interpretation of the Queen of Hearts and it is just as sexy as the one by Alessandra Ambrosio. She really does have the perfect figure for this outfit and that does play a major role in making the outfit as sexy as possible.

5.Christina Aguilera..again

Christina seems to have something for the services because she has now left nursing and joined the police force. If police officers looked like her, then crime rates would go up just in the hope of her putting you in handcuffs.

6.Ashley Tisdale

Ashley could probably make standing in a rubbish bag look sexy, so who cares if the outfit is not the best one that you have ever seen in your life. Instead, just admire her for what she is, and that is one hot and sexy woman.


Fergie seems to love dressing up and this is her as Elvira and she has done a pretty good job of it. Ok in order to pull this off you do need to have the correct figure and there is no doubt that she does indeed have that in abundance.


8.Alyssa Milano

Have you ever seen a better butterfly than this version? Come on, she is hot without all of the wings and stuff, but now she has just managed to increase the cuteness factor.

9.Kendra Wilkinson

This is Kendra and her interpretation of a poker girl and this would certainly draw more people into a casino if people walked around like this. She knows the parts of her that are her best attributes and she has gone for it resulting in this outfit.


10.Miranda Kerr

Miranda has legs to die for, so it makes sense for her to choose an outfit that can really show them off to their fullest extent. Let's be honest here...she is hot.

11.Jessica Lowndes

If the officials in sports games looked like this, then the viewing figures would be even higher than they are at this moment in time. You may not even be too aware of who she is, but that does not matter since you can just focus on how hot she is.


12.Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey does have a fantastic body and in this outfit we really get to see how good her legs are. Yes she may be dressed as an angle and have a voice like one as well, but forget about all of that and just remember that she is hot.


This US reality star has decided to stick with the rather traditional schoolgirl, but at least she has managed to pull it off and looks very hot in doing so. There has just always been something good about this outfit since time began and that is never going to change.

14.Alessandra Ambrosio

This is her take on the Queen of Hearts and it is certainly a wonderful representation of her and one that every guy in the land can appreciate. She has really gone into some detail with it all since she even thought about the stockings and overall she just looks hot.

15.Naya Rivera

In this outfit she has decided to be Carmen Sandiego and there is a good chance that she is now your favorite person ever after this photograph. She just looks hot all over with that outfit.

16.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is well known for getting dressed up and this is a prime example. She has gone for the boots, the stockings, and just looking hot, but she could have done better if she did not have that mean look on her face.

17.Brooke Burke

Yep this is Brooke as Catwoman and you have to say that she has managed to pull off the outfit pretty well indeed. Of course it helps that she has the right body to do it, but it is just the mask that really sets it all off.

18.Kim Kardashian..again

This is Kin as Poison Ivy and it is an outfit that she has really managed to pull off. OK it does not show as much as some of her other outfits, but she still looks smoking hot in it and that is the main thing here.

19.Britney Spears

Yes this is Britney as some kind of go go dancer and she does manage to make it look quite hot although it is not as good as her schoolgirl outfit back in the early days. However, we do get to see more of her than what we usually do, so it is all worth it.

20.Paris Hilton

This is Paris Hilton as Pocahontas and she has certainly given her own take on it since there is no way that Pocahontas ever dressed in order to look sexy. However, she does manage to pull it off and at least she does have the body to do it.

21.Christina Aguilera

Christina undoubtedly set temperatures soaring when she dressed up as a sexy nurse and there would have been a rush of people wanting to be treated by her as well. Nurse I think I'm feeling faint!!


Yep Coco has gone for the normal schoolgirl outfit, but then we do not mind when she looks like this do we? It is difficult to really know where to start with this outfit because it is just so good all over.

23.Kim Kardashian

Kim is always good for a Halloween costume and she always makes sure that she looks really good in it as well. This is her take on Little Red Riding Hood and is it now your favorite fairy tale?

24.Jenny MacCarthy

This looks like some kind of Aladdin, belly dancer type outfit, but at least Jenny does indeed have the figure to pull this particular outfit off. She really does look smoking hot in it and you can see why the press loved it.


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