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Celebrities Who Are Real Life Heroes

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 3:44 pm

1.Prince William

Prince William has been a hero a number of times due to being a pilot on a search and rescue helicopter in the UK. He has helped to save climbers on a number of occasions including a woman who had managed to fall off a ledge. Of course they never actually know who is flying it at the time, so the number of rescue missions he has been on is unknown.

2.Brad Pitt

Brad was at a screening for a movie in Austria and while signing autographs he noticed that a child had tripped and fell into the water. He helped to fish the child out, checked that they were ok, and gave them an autograph just to make them feel a bit better.

3.Sean Penn

Sean was in Haiti after the earthquake and was there when a major aftershock struck. He led an injured woman and her child out of the danger zone and took them to get medical attention before they ended up becoming too ill or unable to get to any help.

4.Anderson Cooper

This guy helped to rescue a small Haitian boy who had been hit on the head by a lump of concrete. The boy was bleeding, but awake, and unable to do anything and more concrete was being thrown. He picked him up in his arms and led him away to safety and waited until help came.

5.Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford helped to rescue a hiker who was stuck on a mountain near his home and unable to get back down. He found her in his helicopter and managed to pick her up and lead her to safety. The hiker in question was severely dehydrated and he has since gone on to rescue a 13 year old boy and also flown in medical supplies to different areas.


T.I managed to stop a guy from jumping to his death after he heard about it on the radio. He immediately jumped into his car, drove down there, and did a video message that the police then showed to the man in question.

7.Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet was on vacation on the private island owned by Richard Branson. A fire broke out and she had to rescue his 90 year old grandmother and indeed saved her life in the process. There is no doubt that without her actions things would have got a lot worse.


8.Dustin Hoffman

Dustin was walking through a park in London when a jogger collapsed near him. Turns out they had a heart attack, but his quick thinking saved their life. The person in question was only 27, but Dustin noticed that there was something wrong with them and his quick thinking meant that they did indeed make a full recovery.

9.Mila Kunis

This was quite impressive because Mila Kunis actually helped to save somebody that was having a fit. She made sure that they were in no danger to themselves, and checked that they were ok after it until actual help arrived.


10.Ryan Gosling

Well this was certainly a heroic thing to do because he broke up a fight, found out what it was all about, and sorted everything out. It turned out that one guy owed the other one a small amount of money, so he settled it and sent them on their way while other people just stood back and watched.

11.Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was responsible for saving a woman who had passed out on the sidewalk. Apparently people were just walking past her, but she decided that she had to do something, so went to her aid and supported her while calling for help.


12.Prince Harry

Prince Harry helped to care for somebody who was knocked out in a polo match and made sure they were safe and sound. He put them into the recovery position, checked they were breathing, and stayed with them to keep them comfortable until the paramedics got to them.


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