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Celebrities Who Can Actually Sing

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 7:13 pm

1.Damian Lewis

This cool actor has been known to get up there on stage and sing his heart out and by all accounts he is pretty good at it as well. You just know that he puts absolutely everything into it from the get go and if you heard his voice you would understand why that is the case.

2.Emmy Rossum

If you are a fan of Shameless, then you will recognize her immediately. However, there are some people out there that will remember her more for her role in the Phantom of the Opera where her voice was outstanding.

3.Daniel Radcliffe

Yep Harry Potter can actually sing, well at least the actor that played him can anyway. Daniel has even been on Broadway and you know that you are not going to play a key role there if you are unable to hold a note.

4.Robert Pattinson

OK so girls love this guy and with the fact that he can also sing and play guitar, then it just makes him seem that bit cooler than he was before. His voice is quite poignant apparently and do you think that goes with his persona?

5.Bruce Willis

Yep this action movie hero is able to throw out the occasional tune and he is not too bad at it either. His preferred style of music is singing the blues and once again that is a surprise since you would have imagined him to be more of a rock guy.

6.Emma Stone

Emma is such a cute girl, but she is also a fantastic singer so it is not just all about the looks. She actually sang on the official soundtrack for the movie The House Bunny and she is certainly very impressive.

7.Ewan McGregor

Ewan is a bit of a heartthrob, but he also knows how to hold a tune and the best way to listen to him is to watch the movie Moulin Rouge. When he sings in that movie it actually is him and there has been no special effects added just to make him sound good when in actual fact he is rubbish.


8.Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is seen as having the perfect voice for jazz and indeed she has released a couple of albums in the past, but that is a fact that most people just do not know about her. In all honesty you should search for them online because she really is pretty good.

9.Johnny Depp

Is there any way that this guy could get any cooler? Before he made it big as an actor he was actually the singer in a rock band called The Kids. As an aside he is also pretty good at the guitar and was one of the musicians on the Oasis song Fade In-Out.


10.Gwyneth Paltrow

She is not only a pretty face and a good actress, but Gwyneth can indeed hold a tune. She has actually performed on stage at the Country Music Awards as well as singing in the movie Duets with her version of Cruisin by Smokey Robinson getting to the top of the charts in Australia.

11.Vin Diesel

Yeah this one is surprising considering the persona that he has, but if you search for him singing Stay by Rihanna on YouTube, then you may be in for a bit of a surprise. You see this big action movie hero can actually sing and not in the style that you would have expected.


12.Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Some would argue that Joseph can sing better than he can act and in actual fact you can go and check him out on YouTube and come to your very own conclusion. He is also very good at playing the guitar and the music he tends to do is cover songs especially pop and rock.


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