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Celebrities Who Have Fixed Their Teeth

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 7:45 pm

1.Madonna Grills The Public

Hey Madge you have something in your teeth! Oh it's supposed to be there? Madonna opts for a grill as part of her Hollywood teeth make-over.

2.Princess Of Surgery

Kate Middleton captured our hearts, but not before obtaining her nose job, breast implants and eye-lift surgery. Then finally the teeth had to go.

3.Ben There Done That

Wasn't Ben Affleck cute before with his tiny baby like teeth? Today he has lengthened them, but has still managed to keep his original look. Sort of.

4.The English Rose

Catherine Zeta Jones was long ago loved for her English Rose natural beauty. Today she looks like many people but very little like herself. Her large straight and perfect white dazzling smile has the stamp of Hollywood's approval.

5.Little Cutey

There is Zac Efron looking as cute as a button. Now he just looks like Zac Efron.

6.Ronan The Regular Guy

Ronan Keating's little pebble teeth were not so bad. They were clean at least. He had sort of a Lost boy look before which was rather charming. now he just looks like a regular Hollywood guy.

7.Nick is Caged

Nicolas Cage became famous for his quirky face and strange grin. Not to mention his off the wall personality. Now he is just a guy with a grey and white beard.


8.No Celine!

Another stars bites the dust. Excuse the Pun, but really didn't Celine Dion look like a person in her own right before she messed with her teeth? In their place are pebble like white squares. Much like everyone else that is famous. Why cant they have the confidence to keep the looks that got them famous in the first place.

9.Ah! She Was So Cute

Cheryl Cole once looked pretty and cute, now she looks kinda random. Like a standard celeb cut out. Why, oh why! can celebrities not keep their individuality?


10.Liar! Liar!

One of the quaintest lies in Hollywood, is Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw. Not only has she not had plastic surgery according to her, but she hasn't had her teeth fixed. When she talks these days they are so large that she actually sounds as though she has a slight speech impediment. One actually waits for the clatter.

11.Victoria Has Done It All

Victoria Beckham's teeth are far from Posh. They are too large for her mouth and at times give her a horse chewing hay look. Money can't buy everything, good decisions are one of them.

12.Noel's New Teeth

We all know that teeth can either make or break our face. Here Noel Gallagher has put his money where his mouth is. The overall look is not bad, some celebs have more money and teeth than brains it would appear.


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