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Celebrities Who Made Sex Tapes

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 6:46 pm

1.Verne Troyer

Little man Verne Troyer has his own sex tape doing the rounds. Who would have thought! The tape features himself with his former girl-friend.

2.Tyson Beckford

This video features Tyson masturbating with a female online. He even tells her who he is and chats about his movie appearances. The video is nearly an hour long and simply features Tyson in his most intimate moments, with himself! Just goes to show you never know who you are chatting to when online and playing with yourself!

3.Bret Michaels

Bret had to be mentioned in the sex tape slips ups, since he is in one with Pamela Anderson. One starts to understand that Pammy has a voyeur fetish since she gets all these innocent men to make movies with her! In this sex tape Bret is seen looking very dramatic in a vampire cape. This is one of the genuine sex tapes as it appears Bret is very disturbed about the whole thing and has tried for years to get it off the Internet without success.

4.Rex Ryan

It is always the one's we least expect that we find the most interesting. Rex Ryan has a sex tape out and the subject matter is brow raising! It is mostly of feet! He really seems to have a foot fetish, who knew? The person in the tape is said to be his wife. Ryan remains understandably quiet about it all and has given nothing away.

5.Rebecca Gayheart

This video featured Rebecca's husband and her friend who is a former Miss USA turned call-girl. It is more a fun and shenanigans type of a video, so if you are looking for Rebecca in a hard-core situation you probably won't find this tape very exciting. It is rather a strange collection of people together in the nude though all said and done.

6.Carrie Prejean

If you want to be a Miss USA you better check your undie draw for any sex tapes you have made in the past. The Miss USA pageant is super strict about that sort of thing. That is the mistake Carrie made when she entered the competition. She won and later had to hand her little Queen tiara back. What most don't understand is that many girls want success no matter where it comes from.

7.Paris Hilton

One of the most well-known sex tapes ever is that of Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon. It was entitled quite aptly '1 Night in Paris'! The tape is shot in night vision which kind of adds to its seedy appeal. The video later went on to win an AVN Award for most rented video. In those days (2003) sex tapes were quite hard to get hold of and seemed very titillating, these days there are so many jumping on the bandwagon most people have lost interest and are perhaps making their own sex-tapes!


8.Nadya Suleman

She is better known as the 'Octomom' and her first claim to fame was to deliver eight babies at once. She has desperately tried to get into the lime-light ever since. She went on to have many more babies and was told she was addicted to giving birth. She has lived mostly on welfare until recently when she started stripping no less and now there is a sex tape of her. Nadya had previously appeared on the Oprah show pleading poverty and if she expected hand outs from Oprah she was sorely wrong. Oprah told her off and provided advice from Suze Orman the well-known financial advisor instead.

9.Minka Kelly

There is a sex-tape of Minka Kelly rumored to be doing its rounds. Minka is so super sexy in the video and also very posed apparently, which makes one wonder if the whole thing was staged. Strange really as her career is already doing well. Perhaps she is just simply greedy for more attention and sex-tapes are a quick way to get it. Rumor has it too that she was under-age when she made it.


10.Hulk Hogan

So, Hulk made a sex tape, not such a big deal right? It just seems strange that he is having sex on it with his best friends wife! It turned out later that his friend Bubba had given them permission. Something about all this smells a little fishy.

11.Pam's At It Again

Pamela Anderson made not one but two leaked sex tapes. Perhaps that is one too many? She might just be doing all this for attention. Here is one image of a very explicit video tape, the others probably were not appropriate for this list. If you want to have a gander just Google Pam Anderson, sex tapes.


12.Kim Kardashian and Ray-J

Although Kim Kardashian appeared to be devastated the sex tape she made with Ray-J it did launch her career. Not only did it shoot her name out of obscurity but her entire family too including her then little sisters.


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