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Celebrities Who Were Killed By Alcohol

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:51 pm

1.Joseph McCarthy

When you are the head of the anti-communist hearings in the US government in the 50s, then is it not more likely that you will end up turning to alcohol due to the pressure you are under? That could very well be what happened here resulting in Joseph dying from alcoholism.

2.Veronica Lake

Veronica was a major star back in the earlier days of Hollywood, but all of that fame and fortune only made it easier for her to get alcohol. It resulted in her dying from acute hepatitis, but if she had led a cleaner life she would have managed to avoid dying in this way.

3.William Holden

This guy won countless awards as an actor, but behind the scenes he was a raging alcoholic. He managed to abuse his body over an extended period of time leading to major issues with several organs eventually resulting in his death due to alcohol abuse.

4.Richard Burton

Richard was of course married to Elizabeth Taylor roughly 49 times, but he also had a major drinking issue. It ended up affecting both his liver and kidneys and he died of a brain hemorrhage probably due to the way in which his body had been poisoned by the alcohol.

5.Mickey Mantle

Mickey may have been one of the best baseball players ever, but that did not stop him from abusing his body through the over consumption of alcohol. It was actually quite sad to see one of the greats of the game ending up in such a state before alcohol did eventually kill him.

6.John Bonham

John was a fantastic drummer, but then you would need to be in order to be in Led Zeppelin. However, he died after getting drunk and choking on his own vomit, so what a sad way to go for somebody that still had so much to offer in the world of music.

7.W.C. Fields

This guy was certainly an early comedian and writer that was loved by the masses, but then they did not really know about his major drinking problem behind the scenes. This did eventually lead to his direct death due to the amount of alcohol that he consumed over his life time.


8.Errol Flynn

He may have looked suave, but Errol Flynn also had an alcohol problem. He battled his demons until he actually died of a heart attack a number of years later due to the abuse that his body was getting.

9.Billie Holiday

Has there ever been another jazz singer as popular as her? It was a real shame that she battled alcoholism for decades before finally being killed by it at still quite an early age. Her liver just could not take any more abuse.


10.Ryan Dunn

While alcohol did not directly kill Ryan it was certainly a major contributing factor. This guy did of course die in a car accident due to driving at excess speed whilst under the influence, so it is fair to say that if he did not drink he would definitely be alive today.

11.Peter Cook

When it came to British comedy this guy was an absolute legend. However, he also liked to drink and that eventually led to him dying of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage.


12.Oliver Reed

Reed was in the middle of making the movie Gladiator when he ended up having a massive heart attack and dying. However, the heart attack was brought on by his alcoholism as he was known to be a very heavy drinker for decades.


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