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Celebrities With Wonky Eyes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 8:01 pm

1.Taylor Lautner

Taylor is the one on the right because the one on the left does not have a wonky eye. Sure you will even have problems seeing the problem with him due to the way that his eyes are scrunched up, but it is there and he does indeed have an issue.


Anything Abe can do I can do better even down to having a wonky eye and getting to be President. Well with the luck that he ended up having it turns out a wonky eye was the absolute least of his problems.

3.Ryan Gosling

The wonky eye issue is a bit more obvious with Ryan, but that is not going to chance your opinion on him is it? You can see that it is the left one that causes him the problem, but then he has learnt to work through it and to make sure it does not have a negative impact on his career.

4.Denzel Washington

Well good old Denzel has certainly transformed himself as you see here. Look closely at his eyes and see if you can spot any issues because nothing will leap out at you. Instead, you will realize that he does not have a major problem and that could be a good thing considering some of the roles that he played.

5.Demi Moore

With the amount of surgery she has had in recent years it is no surprise if Demi Moore has had her eyes replaced with younger ones from somebody else. She could have the wonkiest eyes ever seen by man and the main focus of our attention would still be what else she is doing.

6.Abraham Lincoln

A wonky eye does not stop you from becoming President as was proven by Abe Lincoln himself. Let's face it he was hardly going to do anything differently when he was in the world of politics if both of his eyes were seen as being normal?

7.Forest Whitaker

This is the guy that you probably thought of when you saw that this was a list of celebrities with wonky eyes and in actual fact it will have probably helped his career in some way. There is no doubt that it has helped to give him a rather distinctive look and it certainly didn't stop him from being a great actor.


8.Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is another star that does indeed have a wonky eye, but it has certainly not held her back in any way. There is only a slight issue going on there, but in the world of a wonky eye it only needs a slight issue in order to qualify.

9.Russell Crowe

It is certainly quite obvious that Russell Crowe does indeed have an issue with his eye. Of course in this picture it appears to be highlighted slightly due to the contact lenses he has in, but even in normal pictures it is clear to everybody.


10.Paris Hilton

Ignore the fact that this photo has been photoshopped like mad because Paris Hilton does indeed have a wonky eye. You can only imagine how much that must irritate the life out of her and for that reason we cheer on the wonky eye.

11.Hayden Christensen

Well the one thing that is for certain is that having a wonky eye has not harmed his chances with being adored by countless numbers of women. In actual fact, for virtually everybody that reads this they will be surprised to even find him on here because can you tell which eye is the problem?


12.Andy Garcia

Yep he may look suave and is a great actor, but Andy Garcia does indeed have an eye issue. However, you do need to look pretty hard at him in order to see things as it is not a major issue, but it is there all the same.


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