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15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:22 pm

You can find thousands of pictures of your beloved actor, actress or singer, but what about their childhood photos? Yes, celebrity childhood photos are rare. Those pictures are special too. Who doesn't want to see their favorite celeb's childhood picture?! We are all curious to know how they looked like when they were kids. Here are fifteen childhood pictures of celebrities we hope you love looking at!
1.The Jonas Brothers

These boys were like the Three Musketeers since they were children. They are none other than The Jonas Brothers - Nick, Joe and Kevin. The trio has been focusing on solo projects for the last couple of years, but they've been thick as thieves (where music is concerned) since 2005 when they were all jointly signed by Daylight/Columbia Records. 

The Jonas Brothers-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

2.Zac Efron

If only Zac Efron was addicted to blowing bubbles and not narcotics. The hunky High School Music actor is the adorable tot you see before you. Although his hair is no longer blonde or curly, the 25-year-old still has the same boyish good looks. Efron has been acting professional since 2002 when he was a teenager. 

Zac Efron-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities


Eminem has had that 'constipated look' ever since he was a child. He looks like a girl with those long blonde locks of hair. In fact, seeing Eminem with hair at all is quite comical, especially since he is known to don a Caesar cut. The interesting part is that Eminem had naturally blonde hair as a kid, and now he dyes his hair when he wants it a blonde shade. 

Eminem-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

4.Selena Gomez

Before starring in the Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez had a guest stint on another popular kids show. Gomez appeared on the PBS show Barney & Friends. The actress has a very define facial outline and smile, which makes it easy to identify her. With how annoying Barney & Friends was in the 1990s, it's surprising that Gomez wasn't scarred from continuing on in entertainment. 

Selena Gomez-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

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5.Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was once a young and innocent child and then a well-known dance called Twerking changed all of that. This photo brings back memories of a time when Cyrus didn't curse and make obscene gestures on stage. Aside from the glaring look on her face, Cyrus has completely reformed her child-like image. 

Miley Cyrus-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

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6.Johnny Depp Childhood Photo

The cute little kid you are seeing in the picture is none other than our Captain Jack Sparrow! Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, in an ordinary family. His mother was a waitress, and his father was a civil engineer. Johnny Depp dreamt of becoming a rock musician when he was a kid. He even dropped out of his high school to become one. He returned to the school two weeks later, but the principal suggested him to follow his dream instead!

Johnny Depp Childhood Photo-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

7.Demi Lovato

This little girl has got the X Factor. Demi Lovato was too cute for words when she was a child. Unfortunately, Lovato recently revealed that she suffered from Body Dysmorphia when she was just three-years-old. The viewing public has always seen her as a pretty girl, but Lovato herself has battled with having low self-esteem, cutting and an eating disorder. 

Demi Lovato-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

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8.Chris Brown

Chris Brown isn't a toddler anymore, but he still throws temper tantrums like one. This photo shows a happy, healthy and adorable little boy enjoying his youth. In present-day, Chris Brown appears to be a bitter young man who barely cracks a smile when he's out in public. If only time machines were real.

Chris Brown-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

9.Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington was an adorable child and now she's a gorgeous woman. She went from coloring photos as a child, to making television history. In 2013, the actress is became the first Black actress to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy since 1995. Though she's a Hollywood star, Washington has not been pressured into going under the knife; well not yet anyway.

Kerry Washington-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities


10.Ryan Seacrest

Growing up, Ryan Seacrest had a face only a radio audience could appreciate. The American Idol host is what most would call an ugly duckling. Aside from his mouth, Seacrest is barely recognizable in his childhood photo. Thank goodness for growth spurts and television magic, or else Seacrest would be working in McDonalds instead of show business. 

Ryan Seacrest-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

11.Usher Raymond

Usher Raymond could have passed for Emmanuel Lewis when he was a child. Not much has changed with the singer's features over the years, but once making a name for himself he dropped his surname. Usher's sons - Usher V and Naviyd Raymond - are the spitting image of their dad. 

Usher Raymond-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities


This little girl is still running the world. This adorable girl is the now A-list celebrity, Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Beyonce has been in the spotlight since she was old enough to carry a tune and she's not letting up on her industry reign even at age 32. Her facial features still look the same; they're just a little more pronounced. 

Beyonce-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

13.George Clooney

All the women that go gaga over George Clooney clearly didn't see his child photo. He is one of the most sought after bachelors, but he was a 100 percent geek growing up. From the upside-down bowl hairstyle to the coke-bottle glasses, the actor looked as though he was the president of the chess club.

George Clooney-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

14.Leonardo DiCaprio

He looks too good, isn't he? Many children don't retain their childhood looks when they grow up. Leonardo DiCaprio isn't the one, though. DiCaprio was born in Hollywood, California to a German mother and German-Italian father. His mother was a legal secretary, and his father is a comic book writer. He spent most of his childhood with his mother, as his parents were separated when he was just a 1-year-old kid.

Leonardo DiCaprio-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

15.Katy Perry

Katy Perry in this childhood picture looks as sweet as she looks now! Remember, she was Katheryn Hudson back then. Both her parents are Pentecostal pastors. She went to a Christian school. She even started her career as a gospel singer, and the very first album she released in 2001 was a gospel record too.  

Katy Perry-15 Cutest Childhood Photos Of Famous Celebrities

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