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Celebrity Babies Born In 2013

Thursday, Feb 25, 2021, 7:23 pm

1.Perez Hilton

Perez is the celebrity blogger to end celebrity blogging, but even though he dishes the dirt on Hollywood and famous people he managed to keep the fact that he was becoming a father very quiet indeed. He now has a baby son and at least it was his own blog that announced it.

2.Kim Kardashian

If there was another celebrity birth that was being very closely followed in 2013 it was this one. The fact that the child is now called North West is just one of the strangest things to have ever happened in Hollywood and you just cannot even begin to imagine how much that child will hate the name as they get older.

3.Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy and his wife used a surrogate mother to then have a daughter called Winnie Rose. They were quite open about the fact that they did this, but then the main aim was to have a family and they have successfully managed to do that.

4.Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is a father again and this time to baby Carmen. We hope that she realizes that her father had a bit of a difficult time in 2013 with his rants about the press and basically going a bit mad, but maybe Carmen will calm him down once again.


Fergie gave birth to a baby boy that she then called Axl Jack, which somehow works as a cool name for a celebrity baby. That kid is certainly going to learn how to party and have some fun from a pretty early age that's for sure.

6.Elton John

OK so the two of them didn't do it together, but Elton John and his partner David Furnish did have another baby boy this year as Elijah made an appearance. They are certainly growing their family and by all accounts Elton is a pretty good dad, but for some reason that does not come as a surprise.

7.Michael Buble

Michael Buble is now the father of a baby boy called Noah and to show how social media has really taken over he did post a picture like this to his accounts pretty quickly. You can see how he is a proud father just in this one photograph while Noah just has no idea what the fuss is all about.



Shakira gave birth to a baby boy called Milan and as you can see he looks as if he is a complete bundle of joy. She has already taken him to see his father play soccer and on set at the Voice.


The model Caprice had two boys in 2013, but one was by a surrogate mother while she dealt with the other one herself. It was certainly a different approach to take with becoming a mother, but she is very happy with her decision and she has two beautiful boys now.


10.Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz gave birth to a little girl in 2013 and she decided to call her Luna. That is Spanish for moon, so at one moment it sounds a rather lovely name, but then when you translate it there is no doubt that it loses a bit of its charm.

11.Prince George

Well this is probably the most famous celebrity baby that was born in 2013 as it was the first child for Prince William and becomes third in line for the throne in England. The press camped outside the hospital for days just so they could get a glimpse of him, but of course the best photographs were from the official photoshoot.


12.Kate Winslet

Well Kate seemed to be a sensible person, but that was until we discovered that she had decided to call her child Bear. We just hope it is because she loves watching Bear Grylls or perhaps he was conceived while the program was on?


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