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Celebs Who Are Without Kids

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 7:06 pm

1.Angelica Huston

This one is a bit of a surprise because Angelica also comes across as being the motherly type and indeed people probably thought that she would be a grandmother by now as well. However, she is completely void of all of that in her life and it still makes her smile.

2.James Woods

You get the feeling that if James Woods did have a child that he would stand there as it was being born and give a gritty account of what was going on. You would then hope that the child did not take on his personality.

3.Matt Dillon

Come on Matt Dillon would be a cool dad to have and it comes across as being a minor miracle that there are not babies running around that have been fathered by him. Hey maybe there is and he doesn't know about it?

4.Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer just never seems to settle down and perhaps becoming a mother would have helped her with that. However, she always seemed to choose guys who then went and never treated her right, so her chances of becoming a mother reduced by the relationship.

5.Winona Ryder

You get the feeling that if Winona was pregnant it would be like that fake photo where the foot of the fetus was pressed against the belly. However, this time it would be true and purely because of how thin she always seems to be.

6.Janet Jackson

Go on admit it you are now thinking of a baby being born and looking like this right from birth because that Jackson family does always seem to have something strange about it, so why would that be any different? Anyway, she has no kids and does not seem to be in the process of trying to change that.

7.Dolly Parton

Well it is a bit of a mystery as to why Dolly Parton never had kids because lets face it she seems like the motherly type. Perhaps she just never met the right guy for it, or perhaps it is something that she never wanted, but no matter why she seems happy enough as she is.


8.Renee Zellweger

Well Renee seems nice enough, so she must have decided never to have kids for career reasons. Perhaps Bridget Jones would have been better suited to it?

9.Jay Leno

Jay Leno is probably too obsessed about cars to even notice that he does not have any children and that in itself is sad. His chances now of ever being a father are pretty slim, but at least it means we do not have a mini him running around.


10.Oprah Winfrey

If Oprah looks like this, then it is probably a good thing that she never had any kids. She would probably only talk to them in chat show mode and if they had any issues it would need to be played out on national TV.

11.Cameron Diaz

You get the feeling that Cameron would be a cool mom as she would always be laughing and trying to have some fun with her child every single day. However, we have no idea if that would actually be the case since she does not have any.


12.George Clooney

This one is a bit of a surprise because you would have honestly thought that George Clooney would have managed to father a child at some point considering the number of women that want to be with him. Surely one of them would want to give him a child?


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