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Celebs Without Teeth

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 7:34 am

1.Leonardo di Caprio

If you are one of the coolest actors around, then you will want to make sure that you have all of your teeth as nothing kills the cool factor more than that big empty space on your face. Suddenly diCaprio looks normal, well as normal as you can look without your teeth, and the grin on his face becomes even more comical than it perhaps should be. This picture alone will make guys around the world feel better about themselves. in the City

sex in the City would not appear to be as glamorous if they all looked like this. Suddenly all of their sex appeal has vanished along with their teeth and it is difficult to imagine a show being made where all of the main characters were toothless. It also changes how you imagine them talking and there is no doubt that the show would have dived and it would have spared us the movies as well.


Adele is a fantastic singer, but she also looks very funny when you remove all of her teeth. You can really hear her cackling away in this picture and you also know that she would look at this image and start laughing herself at how funny it looks. But as with every celebrity she will not be wearing it well should this actually happen in real life.

4.Reese Witherspoon

Even with teeth this may not have been her favorite photograph in the world, but take her teeth out and it makes things 100 times worse. The way she has her mouth positioned just adds to the look as it does come across as if her gums have caved in due to there being no teeth there. Also when you look at her eyes it is as if she has just realized she has forgot to put her false teeth in, but now it is too late to do anything about it.

5.Sarah Jessica Parker

This is another celebrity who really cannot cope with the loss of her teeth without looking like a very old and scary granny. Sarah already has quite a long face and it is just made worse with that massive hole that has now appeared in the middle of her face and you just want her to close her mouth and pretend it never happened.

6.Nicki Minaj

The problem with Nicki Minaj is that she already has a massive mouth, so when you take her teeth out you get something that resembles a black hole in space. This is the kind of image that you need to keep away from children as it will lead to nightmares and having to pay fees to let them see a psychologist as it really is quite freakish.

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7.Kate Middleton

Due to being royalty you can guarantee that Kate Middleton will never actually end up like this in real life, but it is still a scary and yet funny look at what she would be like without teeth. The Queen would be shocked and disgusted, but for some reason you can imagine the likes of William and especially Harry laughing at this picture if they ever saw it.


8.George Clooney

Oh George, what has gone wrong? You used to be voted the sexiest guy in the world, but this look is not helping you at all. Once again the general pose is not helping as the mouth is now just this vast chasm where there used to be teeth to break it up. You will win no awards unless you get your teeth back in.

9.Anne Hathaway

In this picture you would be forgiven for thinking that Anne Hathaway won an Oscar, but her dentist did not win any awards. By taking out her teeth she has undoubtedly aged by 40 years especially when you are used to seeing her with those big, white, sparkling teeth. You would like to think that if she gets like this that she would use dentures at the Oscars.

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10.Emma Watson

This star of the Harry Potter movies may have developed into a fine looking woman, but take her teeth out and you can see that things completely change. This is now a scary photograph and her mouth looks absolutely massive, but you would probably still look past it if you bumped into her in a night club.

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11.Kim Kardashian

The question here is whether or not Kanye West would have been as attracted to Kim if she genuinely looked like this. She is not helped by the fact that the photograph in general is not very flattering at all and when you blank out her teeth it is actually quite scary. You can just imagine her reaction at this picture and in actual fact she would probably look like this which is ironic.


12.One Direction

This picture will probably make all of those girls cry, but this is what One Direction could look like when they lose all of their teeth due to partying too hard. If they did look like this naturally, then you know that they will not have managed to get that record deal and their legions of fans would leave in droves, so keep your teeth guys as your career depends on it.

13.Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell now looks like your drunk uncle who has a habit of taking out his teeth for some party trick after too many beers. You would no longer be intimidated by him if he looked like this would you? It is a huge difference from his shiny white teeth to this and you can just imagine his reaction if he saw this picture.

14.Cameron Diaz

This is not the best photograph of Cameron Diaz even if her teeth were showing. It is fair to say that she has gone from looking gorgeous to looking as if she is 90 years old. After looking at this you do hope that she keeps with a good dentist to prevent this look from ever happening to her as she is not wearing it as well as she perhaps hoped she would.

15.Zac Efron

This is probably an image of what he will look like in a few decades at least around the mouth and it does completely change your opinion of him. It actually does look extremely funny and for some reason it does also change the way that you hear his voice as you now get Popeye coming into your head and that alone just throws your mind.


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