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Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 8:48 am

Charlie Sheen is one of the most successful and famous Hollywood actors of all time. He has acted in numerous films, and TV shows. Millions around the world have watched his movies. Well, everyone knows about Charlie's promiscuous lifestyle, but only a few could guess that this man would contract HIV! Doctors diagnosed Charlie Sheen with HIV in 2011. However, Sheen made a public announcement about his condition in 2015. He was criticized heavily for exposing nearly 200 girls to deadly HIV by not using protection while having sex with them. 
Well, Charlie Sheen had made the news with him coming out as HIV positive, but did you know how many girls he has dated during his career? And who are they? Well, excluding the one-night hookups and party girls he has been with, there are still many girls he had been with for more than a week. Here are 13 famous girls Charlie Sheen has dated before coming out as HIV positive.
1.Charlie Sheen And Broke Mueller

Brooke Mueller just might be even more out of control than Charlie Sheen. They married in 2008 and Mueller gave birth to their twin sons, Bob and Max. A little over two-years later, in November 2010, Sheen filed for divorce. Both Mueller and Sheen had been doing drugs and their sons were removed from Sheen's home in March 2011. Mueller has been in-and-out of rehab several times over the past few years. The two have been divorced since 2011, but they are still absorbed in a nasty custody battle over their sons.

Charlie Sheen And Broke Mueller-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

2.Charlie Sheen And Brett Rossi

Sheen is going to walk down the aisle once again. His soon-to-be wife is none other than porn actress, Brett Rossi. The pair got engaged on Valentine's Day and Sheen even announced the news on his Twitter Charlie page. No one knows when these two started dating, but they did go public with their relationship in November 2013.

Charlie Sheen And Brett Rossi-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

3.Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen married Denise Richards in 2002. The couple was happy for a while and even appeared in Scary Movie 3 together. Richards had two kids with Sheen before she filed for divorce in 2005. She cited Sheen's drug and alcohol abuse as the reason for the relationship's demise. The pair went through a rough patch after the divorce, became friends again and have recently been at odds with one another.

Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

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