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Disney Look A Like Celebrities

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 9:44 am


Surely this character was actually based in Prince because there is no way that this can just be a coincidence. Look at them and work out which one is actually the Disney character because that is going to be a bit harder than you initially thought.

2.Nicole Scherzinger

Yep it is true. Nicole is indeed Pocahontas, but it is easy to see why you could make the mistake of thinking the character was on the left and the real star on the right. The hair is the same, the shape of the face is the same, and even the facial features are along the same lines.

3.Bryce Dallas Howard

Perhaps it is the red hair that is making this image better than it actually is, but you have to say that the resemblance is uncanny. All she needs is some more red in her cheeks and you would have the movie version of the character Merida.

4.Kelly Rowland

You would be forgiven for thinking that the character here was based on Kelly Rowland because as long as she had a tiara and her hair tied up she would seriously look like this character. You can actually picture her doing all of the posing and replicating her moves as well.

5.Robert Pattinson

Maybe it is the expression that is helping here, but there is certainly something about Robert in this character even down to the white shirt. Yes he may look a bit different if he shaved and sorted his hair, but at this moment in time he is certainly a walking, talking Disney character.

6.James Hetfield

There really is a likeness between James Hetfield and the character Scar from the Lion King. Perhaps it is the slightly sinister look that they both have that does it, but you can just imagine how even more similar they would be if he dyed his hair black.

7.Howard Stern

You cannot fail but see the resemblance here because all it needs is for Howard to grow some facial hair and he would be his twin. In actual fact you can see how they even have the same nose, so get him something to straighten his hair and a big hat to complete the look.


8.Matthew McConaughey

The fact is that if you are looking for a Disney character to look like this guy, then he has to have big muscles and a tendency to take his top off. Finally we have managed to get one that does indeed have a passing resemblance, but he is still too over dressed to be an accurate representation.

9.Isla Fisher

This one is quite good in the fact that she has the same kind of pose in this shot, so you can see the resemblance even more. Ok she needs the tiara and big necklace, but that would only strengthen the idea that she is indeed a princess.


10.Justin Bieber

OK so some people may not appreciate this, but Justin Bieber does indeed look like Peter Pan as this photograph shows. All he needs is a green hat and the resemblance is complete, so just think of him as this character the next time you get annoyed by one of his songs.

11.Jennifer Lawrence

OK so this one is probably helped along a bit by her outfit, but she does look like Mulan, so once again she would be perfect for her in a movie version. She even has the same kind of build, shape of face, color of hair, and basically the resemblance is quite scary. Imagine walking around knowing you are a real life cartoon.

12.Holly Madison

You have to admit that Holly Madison does at least have a passing resemblance to Snow White even down to almost the same hairstyle. She would be perfect for playing her in a real life movie version because you just know she would have the same characteristics and everything.


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