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15 Hilarious Twitter Comebacks Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 11:05 am

These 15 hilarious Twitter comebacks prove that why it is not a good idea to mess with celebrities or popular brands! Celebs managed to achieve a lot in their lives because they are smart, creative and think better than many of us. They don't often respond to abusive or stupid fan tweets, but when they do, they totally own the people who try to insult them. What you are about to read now are some hilarious comebacks tweeted by celebrities to own another celebrity or random rude Twitter users. Check out 15 hilarious Twitter comebacks of all time. Don't forget to tell us which comeback you liked the most.
4.Tom Anderson Vs. Polo Tapia

Polo Tapia is an ordinary Twitter user. At some point in time in the past, Tom Anderson, MySpace founder, owned that guy for mocking him over his comments on Instagram terms change. As you can read from the picture, Tom Anderson was trying to tell people that the new Instagram terms and conditions were not dangerous. Polo Tapia responded to Tom's tweet with a silly and ignorant reply. It looks like the reply annoyed Tom Anderson. Tom humiliated and destroyed Tapia's confidence completely with a brilliant comeback. Polo Tapia might have learned two lessons in the hardest way possible. One is that celebs or influential people on Twitter do respond to their follower comments. The second lesson is that he should never try to mock a wealthy or successful person or otherwise they are going to hit straight at his mediocre financial position. 

Tom Anderson Vs. Polo Tapia-15 Hilarious Twitter Comebacks Ever

5.Anderson Cooper vs. Pamela Weiss

Anderson Cooper is a popular CNN journalist who is known for his direct reporting from war zones. In the picture, Anderson Cooper was tweeting the war situation between Israel and Palestine. The lady here Pamela Weiss is a food blogger. She didn't completely read what Cooper was telling. Cooper clearly mocked her half evolved brain and perception power there! 

Anderson Cooper vs. Pamela Weiss-15 Hilarious Twitter Comebacks Ever

6.Taco Bell vs. Old Spice

Old Spice was trying to get cheeky there, and got owned by Taco Bell's awesome comeback. This funny feud between the two companies went viral sometime before. It all started by Old Spice with their funny tweet asking Taco Bell why fire sauce wasn't made with real fire. Taco Bell replied Old Space back asking whether their deodorants are really made with old spices!

Taco Bell vs. Old Spice-15 Hilarious Twitter Comebacks Ever

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