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12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:33 am

The Swedish film industry is one of the most popular movie industries in the European continent. The history of Swedish cinema dates back to the early 20th century. The modern Swedish film industry, however, was formed in 1963 to boost the filmmaking in the country. Thanks to the organization, as Sweden is able to make world-class movies! Most of the Swedish films are artistic or dramatic. The extravagant action movies are a rarity. Considering the small market size, it is understandable that Swedish producers can't make films on par with Hollywood. This is the reason why the American movies have a real market in Sweden too as they have in many other parts of the world. Since Sweden has a film industry of its own, it also has beautiful actresses! Swedish actresses are among some of the world's most beautiful women. They have also appeared in many Hollywood films, and American TV shows. Check these twelve hottest Swedish actresses who are too beautiful to go unnoticed! 
1.Anita Ekberg

Anita really was a major sex symbol at the height of her career and it is easy to understand why when you check out her photographs. She appeared in a number of top movies in both the late 50's and early 60's and even though she is older now there is still something magical about her.

Anita Ekberg-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

2.Inger Stevens

Inger Stevens was a very popular Swedish-American movie and TV actress who rose to fame playing lead roles in popular 60s films Man on Fire, City Terror, The Buccaneer, and Fire Creek, etc. Inger was hot and known at that time for her gorgeous looks. It was an absolute tragedy that she died when she was just 35 due to barbiturate poisoning. She had been carving out a career for herself with appearances on several television shows as well as movies in the 60s and who knows what she would have ended up achieving if she had not died as young. 

Inger Stevens-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

3.Ann Margret

Her full name is actually Ann Margret Olsson, but she has dropped the last part for professional reasons. During her career she has appeared in countless movies from the 1960's up to the present day and she is still absolutely loved by her fans with new ones appearing all of the time.

Ann Margret-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

4.Greta Garbo

Greta was one of the biggest stars in what is seen as being the golden era of Hollywood, but a lot of people end up forgetting that she was actually Swedish. She was a huge icon of her day and at the time would have been the most famous Swedish person alive in the world.

Greta Garbo-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

5.Tilde Froling

Tilde is not really a star outside of her native Sweden, but that is just a shame for the rest of us because she is one hot woman. However, her career is still in its infancy, so there is still a lot of time left for her to break into the big time in the US. 

Tilde Froling-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

6.Malin Akerman

Malin is part Swedish and part Canadian. With acting she has been in a number of different movies including the likes of Rock of Ages, The proposal, and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle to name just a few of a rather extensive list. 

Malin Akerman-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

7.Izabella Scorupco

Izabella was actually a Bond girl in the movie Golden Eye and that is of course a pretty good claim to fame for any actress. Apart from acting she has also done a bit of modeling as well as making some music, but acting is probably the thing that she is best at.


8.Mini Anden

Mini has appeared in movies such as Oceans 12 and Tropic Thunder as well as TV shows such as CSI Miami and Ugly Betty, She has certainly done very well for herself in carving out a career, but at least she always had her modeling to fall back on if things did not go as planned.

Mini Anden-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

9.Emma Wiklund

Emma is both an actress as well as a model, but then that should be pretty obvious when you look at how hot she is. For her acting she is actually better known in France than Sweden because back in her home country she is seen more as a model and TV host.

Emma Wiklund-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About


10.Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria is of course known as a model as well as an actress and in all honesty she is probably the most famous person from Sweden where most of the people forget that she is Swedish. However, there is no way that you could argue that she is not absolutely gorgeous.

Victoria Silvstedt-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About

11.Lena Olin

The veteran actress, Lena Olin, is one of the very few Swedish actors who received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award nomination. Olin started her acting career in 1976 when she played a small shop assistant's role in Face to Face movie. Lena Olin secured prominent roles in her subsequent films, becoming one of the top Swedish actresses in the 1980s. She later started appearing in American films and television shows. Lena portrayed "Irina Deverko" on the ABC's action television series, Alias, which aired between the years 2002 and 2006. Lena Olin along with her director husband, Lasse Hallstrom, now lives in New York, United States. The couple has two children.

Lena Olin-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About


12.Yvette Rachelle

Even though she grew up in different countries, she is still Swedish and you can kind of tell that when you see her good looks. She is certainly making a name for herself in the movie world, but this time it is not just because she is gorgeous, but is actually because she is good at acting.
Besides being an actress, she is also a top model who has worked for many leading modeling agencies around the world. In the United States, she worked for Miller (Beer company) as 'Miller Lite Girl' (model). 
She is a martial arts expert. Scuba diving is her favorite free-time activity. She has acted in many Swedish movies and TV shows. The 33-year-old actress is one the most popular Swedish actors in contemporary Swedish cinema. 

Yvette Rachelle-12 Hottest Swedish Actresses You Probably Don't Know About


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