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Most Ridiculous Celebrity Name Changes

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 1:20 pm

1.World B. Free

When you already have the last name Free it does at least give you something to go on. The basketball player Lloyd B. Free decided to change his name in 1981 and indeed he did it mid-season, but he chose the name World because it was a nickname. However, when you put it all together it does seem to give you a completely different message and that is why it is strange.


Warrior was of course a wrestler whose real name was James Brian Hellwig. He changed his name to his stage name, but the WWE got annoyed and said that they owned it. A judge ruled in his favor, so Mr Warrior it became.


P. Diddy, or Puff Daddy, or Sean Combes, has had a number of name changes, but his least successful has to have been Swag. Indeed, it was very short lived and he rather quickly got fed up of it and moved on to something else instead.

4.Leaf Phoenix

This used to be the name for Joaquin Phoenix, but Joaquin was his birth name and he changed it to leaf as a child. Why? Because he felt it would tie in better with his brothers and their names, but he then regretted doing it and changed it back.


OK so this one is going to confuse most people, but Madonna at one point did indeed try to be called Esther. She did this due to her Kabbalah faith, but it did not really work because by then she was already the massive star that she currently is, so people just saw her as Madonna and nothing else.

6.Vin diesel

This name has absolutely nothing to do with his real one, which is Mark Sinclair Vincent. Obviously he took part of his last name, but the diesel part came from absolutely nowhere. Instead, he argues it was because he was full of energy, but that is certainly debatable.

7.Cat Stevens

This guy was huge in the 70's and you cannot help but understand why he changed his name from Steven Demetre Georgiou. The reason why the name cat came along was simply because a girlfriend said that he had eyes like a cat and the idea just stuck. Good job she didn't say he had eyes like a rhino.



This name does of course refer to the musician, Prince. He was trying to prove a point by changing his name to some kind of symbol, but it actually did nothing for people because they just stuck to calling him Prince as that was what they were used to.

9.Chad Ochocinco

This was an American Footballer who changed his name from the simple Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco. This last name is of course the Spanish for 85 and it was apparently a nickname, but it is also his number, so it might be ridiculous, but at least it makes some kind of sense.


10.Metta World Peace

This is the name that Ron Artest settled on and the reason why it is strange is because on the basketball court he is not exactly known for being a peaceful individual. Indeed, he has been ejected from a number of games and fined as well, so perhaps he should have started with himself with the whole peace thing.

11.Big Baby Jesus

The funny thing about this is that it is the name for the rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard and it is almost as if he decided that name was not outrageous enough so tried to go for something even more controversial. OK it was all about publicity and getting some media attention, but seriously? Just a pity it did not help him since he died in 2004.


12.Lilakoi Moon

This was the child star in the 80's who appeared in The Cosby Show. Her birth name is Lisa Bonet, but she changed it in the 90's because she wanted some privacy. Yeah if you want some privacy you change your name to something very strange because then you will blend in won't you?


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