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Musicians You Didn't Know Won Oscars

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:31 pm

1.Stevie Wonder

The fact that Stevie Wonder has won an Oscar should really put a smile on your face. His award was for the best original score and he won it thanks to the song The Woman in Red, and it is just cool that he can add this to his collection.

2.Lionel Richie

This guy was massive in the 80's, but in amongst all of his numerous awards is an Oscar. He picked up this award for the song White Nights, which won the best original score and it is pretty cool to think about this laid back guy being recognized in that way.


A lot of people have managed to forget this, but Cher won an Oscar for best actress for her role in the movie Moonstruck. She did not really do that much acting, but was pretty good in that movie leading to her being a bit of a surprise winner.


Adele really did explode on the scene a couple of years ago, but she won an Oscar for singing the lead song for the James Bond movie, Skyfall. It was a very traditional style Bond song, but her voice was just perfect for it, so it did not exactly come as a great surprise.

5.Elton John

Good old Elton managed to pick up an Oscar for his work for the movie The Lion King. This led to the award for the best original score and you have to admit that the songs he wrote and sang for it really did help to add something to an already fantastic movie.

6.Jennifer Hudson

Yep Jennifer is not only a great singer, but she also appears to be pretty good at acting as well. She won her Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls leading to her being successful in the Best Supporting Actress category.

7.The Beatles

This is a strange one because they managed to win an Oscar for a song, but did so after they had already split as a band. Their award came in 1970 for Let It Be with this being the soundtrack to a documentary of the same name, but it was still enough to win that Oscar.


8.Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan does indeed have an Oscar and he won it in 2000 for the song Things Have Changed. This was of course a song in the movie Wonder Boys and it certainly made a difference having a superstar such as him being involved.

9.Bruce Springsteen

This is another musician where you find it strange to think that he has won an award, but Springsteen picked up the best original score in 1993 for the song Streets of Philadelphia. People just felt that the way he sang it really did link to the feeling of the movie itself, so it was certainly well deserved.



You get the feeling that an acceptance speech would be short with Prince, but he did actually win an Oscar in 1984 for the best original score. The award was for the song Purple Rain, which is of course his biggest song ever.

11.David Byrne

David is of course the guy in Talking Heads and even though they were bigger in the 80's he actually won an Oscar in 1987 and, you guessed it, he won it for music. His award was a joint one for the best original score for the movie The Last Emperor.



Yep crazy as this may seem, but Eminem has actually won an Oscar. He ended up collecting the award for the best original song for the movie 8 Mile, which of course he starred in himself, and it is just strange to think of somebody like him winning something like that.


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