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15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:14 pm

Life of celebs is filled with booze and drugs. One day it's a birthday party, the next day it's a movie success party and third day it's an award function and the list goes on. Living a celebrity life requires alot of control on yourself if you are trying to quit a bad habit like Alcohol. Here are 14 photos of celebs being drunk.
1.Poor Brit

Britney is often drunk. We know how you feel girl, being famous, rich, spoiled and pampered is a tough call, but boy does it show on you.

Poor Brit-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

2.Kate Keeps it all Together

It has been said that when Kate Hudson is drunk, she is a sloppy drunk. At least she doesn't flash her knickers although it is a miracle that it hasn't happened.

Kate Keeps it all Together-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

3.Too Much Le Blanc Matt?

Matt Le Blanc has a super serious expression as he weaves his way through vehicles perhaps trying to convince people he is sober? However, he is actually convincing nobody.

Too Much Le Blanc Matt?-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

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