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Singers Who Went Solo

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:26 pm

1.Diana Ross

Diana Ross has enjoyed a very long career in music and was also part of the very successful singing threesome The Supreme's. Even as Diana Ross she continue to make music history.

2.Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry was the singer in a very popular group Blondie. She decided to go solo as of course herself and enjoyed an exceptionally lucrative career.


Beyonce took a giant leap of faith when she left Destiny's Child and just called herself Beyonce. She has never looked back as she has always enjoyed great success, it was her destiny!

4.Paul McCartney

It has to be tough when one of the most famous bands to ever walk this earth decides to break up. Each member did manage to make good though and Paul McCartney was one of the most successful solo artists.

5.Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake used to have golden curls and belong to a band called N'Sync in case you did not know. He just became hotter and better when he went out on his own.


Way back when Morrissey was part of the very not mainstream Brits band "The Smiths", just as they were going mainstream in the late 80s Morrissey decided to go solo and never looked back. At least he was never moody about it.

7.Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath

Why does Ozzy always land on lists! In the old days Ozzy was part of the much revered band Black Sabbath, he is the good looking dude second from left. Then he went solo and the rest is history. He has gone platinum many times and still enjoys a busy career today.


8.Dave Grohl

What do you do when you are a member of the infamous Nirvana and then things go terribly wrong? Like the lead singer commits suicide. You write a song, you play all the instruments in it, then you call the song Foo Fighters. After that, you form the band Foo Fighters.

9.George Michael

George Michael was a well respected member of the group Wham so it was a shock to all when he left. The good thing is he did even better on his own. Prior to his now rather suave image, he sported highlights and puffed up hair, but the singer has always enjoyed a huge fan base.


10.Peter Gabriel

Many singers going solo do worry about how the public will receive them. This was no different for Peter Gabriel of Genesis. His 80s hit Sledgehammer set audiences a light and he never looked back. He was in good company with Genesis as Phil Collins was there too. He later also went solo.


Bjork's first claim to fame came quite unexpectedly. At school she was part of the Icelandic Sugar Cube group. They were so good they won a record deal. Bjork went on to become one of the most famous female singers ever.


12.Michael Jackson

Way back in the 70s Michael Jackson was part of the famed Jackson Five. Later on in life he decided to branch out from this family troupe. The rest of course is thrilling history.


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