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Straight Characters Played By Gay Actors

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:20 am

1.Brad Allen

This was the character played by Rock Hudson and even though it was never publicly admitted to, everybody knows that Rock was indeed gay. This just went against the image they were trying to put across, so he had to keep his sexuality a secret.


This was not the original Spock, but the latest version that was played by Zachary Quinto. Of course he then came out as gay in 2011 and since then he has gone on to lend his support to a number of different organizations that look after gay rights.

3.Neal Caffrey

This character in White Collar is just one of several straight characters that have been played by the actor Matt Bomer. He came out as gay just in 2012 and indeed he has three children now.

4.Mike Brady

This character from the Brady Bunch was played by Robert Reed who eventually came out as gay later on in life. Of course he took longer to come out as it was still not really the done thing when this program was at its height of fame.

5.Barney Stinson

This is a very funny character played by Neil Patrick Harris who is of course openly gay. However, he does play the part very well indeed and you would have no idea that the actor playing him was gay and indeed was quite camp in a number of ways.

6.George O' Malley

This character from Grey's Anatomy is a strong heterosexual man, but the actor that plays him is T. R. Knight and he is quite openly gay. He is also now married to his long term partner and the ironic thing is that one of his co-stars was fired for a homophobic taunt, but not to him.

7.Lindsay Bluth Funke

This character from Arrested Development is played by Portia de Rossi who is of course married to Ellen Degeneres. Portia has also played a number of straight people in her career, but then it hardly makes a difference considering she is acting.



The character Paula in Glee is very straight, but the actress Jane Lynch is gay and indeed she is quite vocal in campaigns about gay rights. She has played several characters that are a bit man mad in her career as well.

9.Darlene Conner

This character was in the comedy series Roseanne, but she is played by Sara Gilbert who is very open about her sexuality. She was a very strong heterosexual character and this is yet another one where people end up being very surprised that the actress is gay.


10.Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is a very straight down the middle heterosexual character, but he is played by Jim Parsons who is gay. In actual fact Jim has played several characters that are all straight down the middle heterosexual people, so he is clearly a good actor.

11.Michael Scofield

This character from Prison Break is of course played by Wentworth Miller who came out quite recently. He does play this kind of tough guy and it, once again, came as a bit of a shock when he revealed to the world that he was actually gay.


12.Miranda Hobbes

We all love this character from Sex in the City, but she is played by Cynthia Nixon who is actually married to her long term lesbian partner. Of course she plays something completely different in the show and it does then come as a surprise to find out that she is actually gay.


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