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Surprising Gay Celebrities

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 6:25 pm

1.Darren Hayes

The Savage Garden front man shocked people when he came out as he did so after he had married his partner. It did come as a surprise and, once again, women were disappointed as they all dreamt of him signing to them as they slept and lusted after him like mad.

2.Lance Bass

When he was in N'Sync, Lance Bass was lusted over by a huge number of women, so they were all very disappointed when he announced he was gay in 2006. It really did destroy their hopes when they discovered that they were not his type at all, but he is more than happy with how his life is at this moment in time.

3.Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono was actually born a woman, but announced that he wanted to become male so underwent the corrective surgery resulting in who we see today. This is very rare as there are not that many transgender celebrities going around right now and you cannot see that changing in the future either.

4.Neil Patrick Harris

It is fair to say that people were shocked when they discovered that Doogie Howser was gay, but this was announced in a home-made video in 2006. However, he did end up coming out due to various stories and rumors that were going around, so at least he dictated what was said rather than anything else.

5.Don Lemon

It still appears to be harder for an African American male to come out as being gay, so it took a lot of courage for newsreader Don Lemon to tell the world that he was indeed gay. It has certainly never harmed his career or his popularity, so perhaps it shows how attitudes are changing.

6.George Michael

It was the way in which people discovered that George Michael was gay that was the most shocking part since it was immediately after he was caught performing a sex act in a public toilet. Since then he has become more flamboyant than ever before and appears to be more relaxed as to who he actually is.

7.Chely Wright

The surprising thing about this country singer coming out as being gay was not who it was, but the fact that it happened at all. Country music had not had an openly gay person at the time, but Chely decided to be the first to describe her sexual orientation making her quite brave and a pathfinder for others.


8.Ricky Martin

Ricky broke a lot of hearts when he came out as being gay in 2010. Up until then there were a few rumors, but they were always denied until he decided that he could do so no longer and had to be open and honest about his sexuality.

9.Wanda Sykes

This comedienne and actress came out quite publicly when she appeared as a surprise guest at a rally being held regarding gay rights. Up until then there was no inkling that she was gay, but at least she did not do the normal thing of putting it on her website and courting the publicity that comes with it.


10.Clay Aiken

The surprising thing about Clay Aiken coming out as gay was that he did so immediately after becoming a father for the first time. He decided it was in the best interest of his child that everybody knew his real sexual orientation to make sure they were over it before the child was old enough to understand.

11.Zachary Quinto

This actor upset a lot of female fans when he came out as being gay as it did destroy their ideas of ever being with him or seeing him with a gorgeous woman. Now he is quite vocal about equal rights and the idea of gay marriage, so there is no sense of him trying to hide away.


12.Jonathan Knight

It came as a bit of a shock when Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block came out as gay, but how he came out was certainly a bit different to the norm. Yes he put something on his website, but it was actually the 80s singer Tiffany that did it as she said in an interview how he had become gay later on.


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