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Things You Didn't Know About Beyonce

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 3:52 pm

1.Will Smith

She is very well known for being great with her fans, but she puts that down to Will Smith. She saw how he acted with his fans at the premier of Men in Black and it made such an impression on her that she made sure that she treated them in the same way every single time.


She did not have the best time at school as people taunted her about apparently having big ears. However, those people must look at her now and think about how crazy they were to taunt her about her appearance with the way that she has turned out.


Beyonce has a fantastic figure, but she is still very partial to an Oreo and indeed she has said in the past that they are her favorite food of all time. Once again this might be a surprise as you would have probably imagined it to be something healthy as she comes across as wanting to look after her body, but at least it is a small size snack.

4.Jersey Shore

She absolutely loves watching Jersey Shore and will always try to never miss an episode or will catch up on them whenever possible. You can imagine how it just helps her to relax as she watches the different characters and the craziness that goes on in the show with it probably reflecting some of the crazy things in her own life.


When she is on tour she loves to visit local museums in order to learn about the history and culture of the city or country that she is currently in. This is probably a bit surprising to some people as you would imagine her loving to party instead of looking at exhibits in cases.

6.Stage fear

In 2003, Beyonce created an alter ego called Sasha Fierce as she was suffering from major stage fright even though she was already very successful. That alter ego was retired in 2010 as she felt she had managed to overcome those issues and was able to fully perform as herself.


Beyonce made her acting debut back in 2001 for MTV in their show Carmen: A Hip Hopera before then going on to star beside Mike Myers in Goldmember. She has since appeared in a few other movies and shows over the year whenever her schedule allows her to do so.


8.Kelly Rowland

Apart from the fact that they were both in Destiny's Child together, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland are actually cousins. It was this that brought them together and made them decide on creating that girl band in the first place and even though they were short lived they still did pretty well.

9.Child star

Beyonce seems to have been destined for stardom from an early age as she had a habit of entering local talent contests and actually winning them on a regular basis. People loved the way she was a natural performer even at a young age as she wowed the judges with her singing and dancing ability that was better than a lot of people older than her.



Beyonce clearly loves her makeup, but did you know that the one thing that she goes crazy for is mascara? She absolutely loves it and you just know that she is going to have a massive collection of it at home that is suitable for every conceivable event you can imagine.

11.Her name

Have you ever wondered where she got her name from as it is not exactly that common? Well quite simply she got it as it is the maiden name of her mother, so there is no big explanation, just something that is straightforward and pretty common in actual fact.



You imagine that Beyonce would smell great, but she has to do this without perfume because she is actually allergic to it and cannot wear any. The irony in this fact is that she has her own perfume for sale, so she has to go by the smell from the bottle rather than anything else.


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