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Tragic Celebrity Suicides

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 3:36 pm

1.Mindy McCready

This famed country singer was adored by fans and revered in the music industry. A close family friend disclosed that she had been battling demons for years. She finally succumbed and shot herself on her porch right next to the spot her lover and soul mate had died previously.

2.Mary Kay Bergman

For those that loved the series South-park, not many knew that Mary Kay was the voice over for Ms. Cartman but also Wendy. She was also the voice of snow white for Disney. She enjoyed both a successful career and happy marriage so no one knew about her terrible depressions. She ended her life by shooting herself in the head.

3.Angie Dowds

Angie was a lesbian trainer that took part in the ITV, British show 'The Biggest Loser'.It appeared that the fit and well trained personal trainer was having personal issues with her lover Edwina Benson. Health officials did confirm that Angie had a long history of depression and suicide threats. She sent final text messages to her lover telling her 'Be it on your head' before she jumped to her death.

4.Kurt Cobain

Best known as the lead singer for the infamous group Nirvana, Kurt Cobain continually struggled drug addiction and depression. He ended his life by a gunshot to the head.

5.Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan enjoyed a number of plum roles in sit-coms and became pretty much a household name at a young age. His biggest block buster was in Sea Quest which was directed by Stephen Spielberg. As he got older he worried constantly about getting roles in. Even though he did enjoy a steady steam of work. He ended his life by hanging and many feel it was more about his fear of losing stardom more than anything else.

6.Elliot Smith

With his unique voice and talent for writing music Smith was involved in the sound track for Good Will Hunting. He seemed to transport listeners into another world. During his days of heavy drinking he had tried to commit suicide before. He finally succeeded by stabbing himself in the chest in his kitchen at home. He was found by his girlfriend.

7.Peg Entwistle

Peg Entwistle was an actress and comedian from Wales. Her last film which was called 'Thirteen Women' received such bad reviews that she ran out, climbed the Hollywood sign and jumped off. This all played out in 1932.


8.Ruslana Korshunova

A beautiful high fashion super-model it appeared that Ruslana had everything going for her. There was no reason to believe that anything foreboding was about to happen. After watching the movie Ghost on television at home she jumped to her death from her 9th story balcony.

9.Dana Plato

Dana had what looked like a promising career as a younger performer on 'Diff'rent Strokes' playing Kimberley. Things turned haywire when she fell pregnant and lost her part in the show. She even turned to armed robbery as a way to make a living. Then finally had breast implants and posed for Playboy Magazine. She then ventured forth starring in more erotic movies and finally committed suicide in a vehicle alone, by overdose. Her son recently also committed suicide.


10.Brynn Hartman

Brynn was married to popular comedian Phil Hartman of the Saturday Night Live fame. Brynn who was Phil's third wife was known for her outlandish behavior and drug use. Phil was determined to love her better and stuck by her side, which in fact, cost him his life. Brynn shot Phil Hartman in the head and then ended her own life.

11.Paula Goodspeed

One can argue whether Paula Goodspeed was in fact a celebrity. She did however achieve infamy. A fan of both American Idol and particularly Paula Abdul, Goodspeed tried out for her audition thrilled that she could finally meet her idol Paula Abdul. The audition went horribly wrong. Her style of singing was flat her clothes ridiculed and her teeth braces remarked upon.. Goodspeed committed suicide outside of Paula Abdul's home saying on a social network that having been rejected was all too much for her.


12.Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins had the world at his feet until he got booted off a reality show. Already professing to be a self made millionaire Jenkins was part of a win or lose type of reality show where he had to win the admiration of a female contestant. Pictured here with his subsequent wife whom it is alleged he murdered, Jenkins hung himself in a hotel room with the cops on his tail. The tragedy was partly how his wife's body was found, fingerless and toothless after he beat her to death. It has been suggested that reality shows and their impact on individuals has not been examined closely enough.


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