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Ugly Celeb Kids

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:35 pm


Try This and Try That With a great looking mother like Cher, who also by the way never ages, one has to make sure as a daughter you can keep up. If you can't you can always change into a son! Hey as long as he is happy, then what the hell.

2.Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Pretty Regular Really Not the best looking kids as we would expect to see from the former power pair. Both Kidman and Cruise are known world-wide for their good looks, slim bodies and fantastic personalities. These two adopted kids have huge shoes to fill as they get older?

3.Jennifer Lopez

The Ugly Twins Jenny from the block has always been a beauty even way back when. Its a darn shame her twins are not showing the same traits as their good looking mother. Perhaps time will tell and these two ugly ducklings will turn into swans.

4.Billy Ray Cyrus

No Way Noah Cyrus might have a lot of catching up to do if she wants to keep up with the rest of the Cyrus family. As far as looks go this could be the proverbial duckling of the family. Although having said that Miley was not a good looking kid either to start out with.


We Are Not Too Sure About Lourdes Madonna's daughter maybe has to wait a couple of decades to turn into the swan her mother did. Is this a really bad photograph or does this little princess veer toward the 'fugly' side of things? It is difficult to really know what to think about this image.

6.Demi Moore

Mom Clearly Stole The Piggy Bank Savings Somehow one would have thought that Demi Moore's kids would have been a little more, well outstanding. They just seem rather plain and slightly ugly really. Perhaps Mom, Demi needs to share the plastic surgery piggy bank more fairly?

7.The Clinton's

Who is this Imposter? Bill and Hilary were certainly both good lookers in their youth. Many would argue that they still are today. Little Chelsea certainly didn't inherit the good looker genes and oddly doesn't resemble either parent at all.


8.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Funny Looking Kids With a mom and dad like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you have to know the stakes are high regard good looks. These kids are just being kids and certainly just look like the regular funny looking kids down the road. In time we are sure that will all change, or at least we hope so because surely they can afford to give them all kinds of help in the looks department?

9.Kelly Osbourne

From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan Although admittedly Kelly's Mom Sharon was never a raving beauty her dad Ozzy was a dish from heaven when he was younger. Kelly was not the cutest kid on the block although these days she is turning into rather a lovely swan.


10.Pre-Op Gorgeous

Perhaps Heidi Klum's little girl is the exact image of her mother when she was little? Before surgery that is? One thing that is for certain is she must take after her father. Poor thing.

11.Bat Ears

One could never call Denise Richard's kids ugly? We suggest no more headbands or bandanna's though for her little princess on the left and surely somebody else should have advised her about that in order to make the most of what she has?


12.Vanessa Williams

Dads Little Princess They say it is a blessing if your parent is gorgeous and you don't fall too far away from the apple tree. It was just a shame that their little girl fells not far from the dad apple tree because boy did that not work out that well for her.


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