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Unlikely Celebrity Friends

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 9:22 am

1.Tom Cruise & Cher

Not only are they good friends, but they were also lovers at one point and that is probably the strangest part of it all. You do wonder as to which one drives the other most bonkers because it really is pretty evenly matched in that sense.

2.Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong Un

This has to be the strangest friendship of them all because Dennis Rodman has made several trips to North Korea in order to spend time with his friend Kim Jong Un. The North Korean leader loves basketball and that kind of explains it, but it is still strange.

3.Meryl Streep & 50 Cent

What is it about 50 Cent being friends with different female actresses? The thing about this is that it is never the people you would expect him to be friends with either because who would have guesses at Meryl Streep?

4.Zach Braff & Harry Styles

Harry is of course in the biggest boy band in the world right now and Zach is a cool actor, but they do hang out with one another when they both have time. This is just another strange combination as there is no way that you would have picked the two of them together.

5.Russell Brand & Helen Mirren

This UK comedian and this UK actress are great friends and you are surprised at this as they are completely opposite characters. He is loud and generally obnoxious while she is more elegant, but it must work for them.

6.Ron Howard & Jamie Foxx

Ron Howard is of course a top director, but he has an unlikely friendship with Jamie and indeed has made a cameo appearance in his music videos before. Maybe it is just the creativeness that has helped them to become friends?

7.Kelly Osbourne & Kim Kardashian

You would have thought that Kelly would have been too loud for Kim and you wonder how she will then get on with Kanye. This is a case of opposites attracting when it comes to friends.


8.Elton John & Eminem

Considering some of the lyrics that Eminem has been responsible for it is strange to think that he is now friends with Elton John. This came about after they did a performance together and have just hit it off since then.

9.Jay Z & Gwyneth Paltrow

Apparently the two of them are very close, as she is with Beyonce as well, and her kids even call him Uncle Jay. It just seems like such an odd mix, but they seem to get on with one another.


10.Woody Allen & Lindsay Lohan

For some reason this just comes across as being quite creepy and that is not exactly a nice thing to feel. This really is such an odd friendship because do they have anything at all in common with one another?

11.50 cent & Bette Midler

How are these two friends? It just does not seem possible that a great actress would be hanging around with a rapper, but they are and apparently they do love each others company.


12.David Beckham & Snoop Dogg

Well they both met in LA, but it is still strange to think that these two guys are friends. Snoop is known for getting high and is a rapper while David was one of the most famous soccer players in the world and had a clean cut image. This really is an unusual friendship.


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