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15 Images That Show Puberty Doing It Right

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 6:33 am

As human beings, We hit our puberty at the age of 10-15 years. That's when we start developing secondary sexually identifying characters and other physical changes. It is said that puberty can completely transform the way you look. It can turn you into a super hot model or an ugly looking pig, which is probably my case. So, coming back to the topic, Puberty doesn't go well for everyone. You must have observed some of the worst looking people in your high school look beautiful now while some of your old high school friends look like meth heads now. Celebrities are a no different case when it comes to puberty. Here are 14 images that will make you say "Wow! Puberty, You are awesome!"
1.Stars can benefit as well

There is no doubt that stars can also benefit from puberty as you can see here. There is no doubt that Ryan would never have had the same success in his career if he continued to look like the guy on the left, so puberty has made him a lot of cash and brought him fame.

2.Even the dog changed

How cool is this that she has tried to recreate the same pose as an adult? OK the dog is different, for obvious reasons, and she is very different as well. Gone is the goofy smile and instead you have a gorgeous woman.

3.The same person

This is one of those moments where you look at how somebody has changed thanks to puberty and wonder how something such as this could have happened. It just does not seem possible that the girl on the left turned into the woman on the right, but it did.

4.Puberty serving her well

There is little doubt that puberty has indeed served her well here, but then it was starting from a good base to begin with. Now, she is seriously hot and clearly looks after herself, which is cool considering how badly wrong it could have gone.

5.It works for guys as well

It is important to point out that puberty can actually go well for guys as this shows. Would you have ever thought that the little chubby cheeked guy in Harry Potter would evolve into the handsome guy on the right? Nope neither did we.

6.Evanna Patricia Lynch Then And Now

Evanna Patricia Lynch (24) is an Irish model and actress who played the role of Luna Lovegood in popular Harry Potter series. It is said that she was a fan of Harry Potter books and used to write letters to J K Rowling about how much she loved the books. She went for an open audition for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie and got the role of Luna Lovegood against 15,000 other girls. At the time of casting, she was just 14 years old; Fast forward 2016 and she looks so spectacular. Puberty you are awesome.

Evanna Patricia Lynch Then And Now-15 Images That Show Puberty Doing It Right

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7.One extreme to the other

Well that is one massive change after puberty because she has gone from this little cute and cuddly little girl into a rock star with a completely different look. There is just no way you could predict the change, but puberty has still been good to her.


8.She has blossomed

Well this girl has certainly blossomed thanks to puberty and you have to say that it has certainly been very kind to her. Sure she has makeup and a large bow on her head, but boy is she hot.

9.Cute to gorgeous

OK as a kid she was looking quite cute, but boy has puberty served her well. The hair looks better, and she is just gorgeous in every conceivable way, so thank you puberty you have done us all proud.


10.Just wow

In response to this change you have to just sit and think wow. She really does look different thanks to puberty and we should all be grateful for it.

11.What a transformation

You have to admit that there are some people where puberty is just very nice to them and they turn into something completely different from their childhood. Would you have expected the girl on the left to turn into the woman on the right?

12.Georgie Henley

Georgie Henley is best known for her portrayal of Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia film series. She was just a 10 year old cute girl back then but look at the completely changed girl here now who is not only talented but amazingly beautiful. No doubt Puberty is playing an important role apart from a little bit of makeup.

Georgie Henley-15 Images That Show Puberty Doing It Right

13.Emma Watson

There is no doubt that the beautiful and intelligent Emma Watson has done puberty right because just look at how she has transformed into a hot woman from her younger days in Harry Potter. You have to say that she really has done very well indeed.

Emma Watson-15 Images That Show Puberty Doing It Right

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14.Taylor Swift

Who doesn't love Taylor Swift? She looks amazing as we see her now but she wasn't a very beautiful girl in her school days, It's only puberty which gave her an awesome makeover and made her what she is now. She has now become the queen of many hearts, I bet no one had imagined she would turn out to be so beautiful one day. Apparently, Taylor Swift's feet have become quite popular on the internet after the success of her recent albums.

Taylor Swift-15 Images That Show Puberty Doing It Right

15.Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an amazing actress and there is no doubt she is one of the hottest celebs in Hollywood. Megan Fox who is presently 29 years old was not as much attractive in her school days as she is now. Looking at the picture she looks kind of a nerd girl back then but thanks to puberty she completely transformed herself into beautiful Megan Fox we know today.

Megan Fox-15 Images That Show Puberty Doing It Right


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