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Work Musicians Did Before They Made It Big

Monday, Jun 15, 2020, 7:31 pm

1.Jonathan Davies, Korn

Davies used to work as a mortician in a mortuary! Perhaps all that dark and depressing exposure to the dead everyday inspired his rather heavy music.

2.Snoop Dogg

Somehow Snoops bad guy image is lost on one when one realizes he used to work in a grocery store packing shelves. That was before he was the most famous Dogg in music ever!


Long before he was the King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis used to drive trucks! Imagine. Just goes to show, even truck drivers can make it big.

4.Kurt Cobain

Before infamy, Kurt was a janitor and swept floors! What a waste of such a good looking guy, at least we got to see him before he exited this earth.

5.Cyndi Lauper

Believe it or not, before Cyndi became a zany musician she used to clean dog kennels. She's always had that messed up look, but it shows what is possible even with seriously limited talent.


Pink worked in McDonald's before becoming the great musician and entertainer she is today. We wonder if she still eats burgers?

7.Gwen Stefani

Gwen worked at Dairy Queen before she became so fabulously famous. Next time you pop in there, be nice to the staff you never know where or who they will land up being.


8.Brandon Flowers

Brandon kept the wolves away by working in Vegas, as a bellhop! The thing is you can still picture him being all bright and bubbly while he was working.


Billionaire Madonna started her career working at Dunkin Donuts. Just goes to show you can start at the bottom and work your way up. Kind of!



Ozzy worked in a slaughter house of all things before he became famous. Perhaps this formed the basis of his inspiration for his shows.

11.Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart, who is still going strong over 60 was a grave digger before he became famous! There really has to be some kind of a joke in there somewhere just waiting to be exploited.


12.Blake Shelton

Hunky Blake Shelton was a roof tiler before he became a country singer crooner. Perhaps he worked on the roof with no shirt on and we missed it!


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