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15 Worst Celebrity Makeup Disasters Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 10:04 am

Celebrities probably spend hours in their room dressing and putting up makeup before stepping out. They take great care, and put really huge efforts to look good. They hire best makeup artists, and spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics. What if they still get their makeup wrong? Inexcusable, right? Here are fifteen celebrities who shocked their fans with their horrible makeup. Some of them look very scary. Scroll down with caution! 

#14 Kelly Osbourne

While she has thankfully abandoned this look for quite some time, it's hard to forget that, yes, this is what Kelly Osbourne once looked like. She would rather we all forgot it, but we can't as long as people like me have endless access to this photo and others just like it.

Kelly Osbourne-15 Worst Celebrity Makeup Disasters Ever



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