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Worst Celebrities Before And After Photoshop Pics

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:27 am

1.Kristen Stewart

This is for all the fans of Kristen Stewart, Is she really beautiful? i don't think so but then again everyone has their own interests and likes.

2.Emma Watson Perfect!

I heart just melts whenever i see her really, She is one girl in Hollywood who never lost her cuteness and becomes gorgeous day by day. No words except Emma is Perfect!!

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Shakira has aged quite good lately, not only her hips don't lie but her face too does not lie about her aging. But having that flexible belly and hips she's never old for me.


I wonder what's the difference between both the pics, i mean she looks best in both.I just admire her beauty, At this age she looks perfect compared to other celebs in the Hollywood.

5.Lindsay Lohan

Can you believe it she is Lindsay Lohan? Even i was shocked to see her face for a minute.

6.Katy Perry photoshop miracle

I am pretty sure many of you have been shocked after seeing this pic, am i right? Well, you can very well see how that folded chin disappeared from her face by that little photoshop tweak. Moreover her eyes and look on her face is quite scary in this pic.

7.Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is not that fair as she looks in real life.


8.Megan Fox

Seems like Megan fox face got some tiny little holes but the photoshop brush hides it perfectly all the time for her. Am i the only one who thinks she looks more beautiful naturally?

9.Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston is one of the most beautiful actress in hollywood but do you real know how she looks in real life without the photoshop? then check the below pic now.


10.Ashlee Simpson

Speaking about photoshopped pics, Ashlee Simpson cannot be ignore from the list. The actress does got some more shinning hair and bright face after the photoshop.

11.George Clooney

George Clooney though has become a little bit but even now he looks great without the photoshop brush. But as always a little bit of photoshop does decrease a few years from your reel life although not from your real life.

12.Britney Spears gone old

Britney Spears has gone old a lot lately as everyone does but the photoshop tool has worked perfect for her to give her the young look on media.

13.Kate Winslet photoshop fail

Remember Kate Winslet who took over our hearts by her splendid act in Titanic? Here she is with her before and after photoshop pics. She does has become a little old but i still like her.


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