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Amazing Bone Carvings

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 12:05 pm

1.Buddha & dragon

Is there anything more Chinese than a dragon and a Buddha together in the one carving? There appears to be quite a lot of energy going on with this carving and you have to admit that it is a pretty spectacular piece of art that you could stare at for hours. The dragon looks so alive, the character of Buddha is also clear to see and overall it is something that is just outstanding.

2.Chess set

The best part about this particular piece of bone carving is that it is actually practical as well as being something that is great to look at. Each piece is hand carved and the detail on something that is only four inches high pays testimony to the skill of the artist that carved them. It would be an honor to play a game with these figures, but only if your chess playing skills does them justice.

3.Bone dragon

The dragon is a typical Chinese symbol, so it is no surprise to see bone carvings containing this mythical creature and this is a fantastic example. This carving is more about what the dragon represents, such as good fortune, than the actual scene, but the detail is still amazing with the individual scales having been worked on and overall it is something you would be proud to own.


This is of course a famous Goddess in the Far East and the detail in this carving really does do her justice. The amazing thing is that it looks taller than it actually is because the entire carving is only 12 inches high and this shows how brilliant the carvers are when they can get such detail in such a small item. There is a lot going on in this scene, but you just need to stand back and admire it.

5.Bone sword

This sword has been carved out of cow bone and you cannot fail to be impressed with the detail that is in the scene. As you will see there is a dragon on it, but they have also made sure to carve out the handle as well as the hilt and if you pull it out of the scabbard you will also see that the sword itself is made out of bone. This is an unusual piece, but it still shows some outstanding carving in what can often be a very brittle material.

6.Japanese Gods

This carving actually shows 7 Fortune Gods from Japan, so clearly it is a very religious scene and each figure is carved out of elephant bone. The amazing thing is that they are only six inches high, but the detail that is in them is outstanding. This is a scene that is very familiar to people in the country, but having them all together like this is something to treasure.

7.King & Queen

This Chinese bone carving of the King and Queen is from the Ching dynasty and they are both 17 inches high. The skill in these carvings has to be seen to be believed because even the design on their clothing has to be carved and that alone has such fine detail in what has to be a difficult place to carve. The touch of color just helps to bring them alive and overall they are fabulous carvings to own.



This is a close up shot of a bone carving that is 90 inches long in order to show the fine detail that is included in it. It represents a birthday scene and even though this is only a small part it does give you an idea as to the number of people that is in the actual carving. It does of course also come with the usual mountain and trees, but overall it is the people that really makes this carving stand out from the crowd.

9.The Kingdom

This piece is apparently called 'The Kingdom' and as you can see in this image it has also had electricity added to it in order for it to be lit. The scene represents the mountain and the King of the Tang dynasty holding court, which is in one of the lit parts, and once again the detail that is included in it really is second to none. The fact it can then be lit does help to show the intricate carving on the inside and there is just no doubt that it is one of the best carvings out there.


10.Chinese fairies

At first glance you would never realize that this is actually carved out of bone, but in actual fact it is and there are a number of individual pieces of carved cow bone put together in order to produce this final piece. It represents a number of Chinese people near temples and you will find yourself trying to count all of them, but losing track and having to start again. The detail is second to none and the actual carving is absolutely gorgeous.

11.Fairies mountains

This is carved out of a tusk and it represents a classic Chinese scene of fairies mountain as well as different Buddhist monks. Virtually every single part of this tusk has something on it and you find your eyes moving all over trying to take it all in as the person that has carved all of this and put it together really has done such an amazing job.



This bone carving is huge as it measures 72 inches long and it tells the story of a village that is situated under a mountain. You will also see that it includes people, animals, birds, and plants, so you will always find yourself with something to look at in this amazing piece. The fact that it is all hand carved is unreal and the length of time it would have taken to do this is something we find difficult to comprehend.

13.Dragons mountain

You can instantly see why this piece of Chinese art is called dragons mountain and this piece of bone carving really is outstanding. Apparently this took three months to complete and you can understand why when you look at it all. It actually uses several different bones and puts them together into this one single piece resulting in something that is amazing.

14.Fairies mountain

This is another Chinese carving and the entire idea of it is that it represents fairies on their mountain and once again you can see the intricate detail that has gone into it. In actual fact this is carved from cow bone and even though it looks big in the photograph it is only 68 inches long with this making the detail that is in it even more impressive.

15.Chinese mountains

This carving is from elephant bone and the detail that it is in it really is outstanding. It shows different mountains and trees and is a typically Chinese scene and you cannot fail to be impressed by the finished piece. You can only imagine how long it took to produce this and how steady their hand must have been in order to get all of those tiny pieces just right.


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