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Greatest Magicians Ever

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 8:41 am

1.Siegfried Fishbacher

This is of course part of Siegfried and Roy and there is no doubting that he has been one of the main magicians working in the last few decades. Yes they may have gone a bit crazy with the tigers, but when it comes down to illusions this guy really does know how to put on a mind-blowing show.

2.Derren Brown

Derren is a UK mentalist who works on the powers of perception and putting thoughts into your mind without you even being aware of it. He has you coming up with the information that he wants you to and he undoubtedly has a bit of a better understanding as to the power of suggestion and how to trick your brain.

3.Max Maven

Not only is this guy a magician that is loved by the public, but he is also loved by other magicians due to his ability to come up with new illusions and then act as a consultant to them. He is seen as being more of a mentalist, which means he plays with your mind, so if you want to be left completely confused, then you should watch one of his shows.


This is the other half of Penn & Teller and he is the quiet one who just does not speak. However, there is no doubt that he is an extremely clever magician who is capable of doing tricks of all kinds of sizes and the fact he cannot talk to distract you makes it even more amazing as to how he can pull them off.


Penn is the loud one, as in he speaks, out of Penn & Teller, but as an individual he is also a very good magician. He makes sure that he includes some comedy in his performances, so it comes across as being quite light-hearted before he hits you with a trick that just leaves you feeling completely confused.

6.Criss Angel

Criss Angel not only looks cool, but the illusions that her performs are also seriously cool. He has been involved in things such as walking on water or up the side of buildings, but his stage show is also right up there as being one of the best that you can ever hope to see. If you want to be left spellbound, then this is the guy for you.

7.Lance Burton

Lance is one of the best stage magicians to have ever lived and he has performed thousands of shows in Las Vegas and to millions of people. He loves to make sure that his audience leave just wondering what on earth has just happened in front of them as his shows always know how to really pack a punch.



Dynamo is a cool magician who has been making a lot of headlines in the last couple of years. He does street magic as well as some pretty spectacular stunts just in the middle of nowhere, so you will see him doing strange things with his body in the street or he will use everyday items to just stun and amaze you.

9.David Blaine

David Blaine was largely responsible for bringing street magic back into popularity due to him simply walking up to people and performing some kind of amazing trick right there in front of them. He is also capable of doing various stunts and pushing the limits of human endurance.


10.David Copperfield

David Copperfield was really the guy that took magic from small shows, or street magic, and did it Hollywood style. He would go for the big and spectacular illusions, such as making the Great Wall of China disappear, and if you want a touch of Vegas with your magician, then this is the guy.

11.Harry Houdini

When it comes to magicians this name is quite often the one that everybody will think of even though he has been dead for decades. He was well known for his death-defying stunts and escaping from apparently impossible situations and indeed every magician since then has tried to emulate him in some way.



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