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Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:42 pm

1.Macaroni and Cheese

This costume will have you salivating for some macaroni and cheese. The fun part about this costume is that it only takes four items to make. The things needed are blue & yellow oaktag, a laundry basket with the base cut-out, a yellow rain jacket and some hot glue. Cut the yellow oaktag into vertical strips. Roll each strip of yellow oaktag until you form a tube and glue the ends together. Glue some of the yellow tubes, which now look like pieces of cheesy macaroni, onto the front and back of the rain jacket. Put the jacket aside to dry completely. Wrap and glue the blue oaktag around the laundry basket; wait for that to dry and then begin gluing the remaining macaroni tubs to the basket. Once everything has dried completely, your child is ready to be served.

2.Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the easiest storybook characters to mimic on Halloween. To make this costume, you will need red stockings, a basket, a knee-length skirt, red fabric with enough left over to make strings. This costume can be put together in less than 20-minutes. Drape the red fabric over your child's head so their face is still showing. The fabric needs to be long enough to reach their ankles when draped. Cut a long strip of the red fabric and cut it in half. Sew one of the strips on one side - right under her chin-- of the draped hood you just created; use the same technique for the other side of the hood. Tie the two strings together and place some fruit in the basket and you're done!

3.Lego Boy

Instead of playing with Legos, this Halloween your kid can play one. Creating this unique costume will have your child thinking you're a magician. To achieve this look, you will need: Glossy spray paint, a box (large enough to encase your child comfortably), eight round small craft boxes, a solid color pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt. First, cut off the bottom flaps of the box. Use a paper plate and saucer to cut holes for your child's head and arms. Lay the box on its back and begin hot gluing the round craft boxes in two vertical rows. Once the glue has dried, spray paint the box in an open area. Spray the box as many times as needed until you get the look you want.

4.Pretty Princess

Princess costumes are one of the most popular Halloween get-ups around. If you can't sew a dress from scratch then take an alternate route. Every little girl has at least one frilly Sunday dress hanging in her closet. Couple the dress with a pair of patent leather shoes and the base of the princess costume is complete. Finish off the look by adding some glitteryeye shadow and a little lip-gloss. To take things a step further, you get a crown template from online, cut it out and cover it in tinfoil for an empress effect. Don't forget to add some curls to your daughter's hair and she's all set.

5.Homemade Ballerina

Your little girl will dance the night away in this Ballerina Halloween costume. There are two ways to make an at-home ballerina costume. The first would to be to put your child in some tights, flat shoes and a leotard. To finish the look off, take a ribbon (preferably one that's the same color as the leotard)and pin up your daughter's hair in a ponytail. The second version of this costume would include stitching a skirt made of either tulle or basic fabric, both of which can be purchased at a fabric store.


To make your very own Scarecrow costume, you will need: hay, some rope, a flannel shirt, yellow & red face paint, a floppy hat and overalls. Dress your child in the shirt, and overalls. Tie the rope loosely around their waist, as to not cut off their circulation. Stuff bits of the hay up their pants legs, as well as in between their overalls and the flannel shirt. Take the red facepaint and draw red circles on your child's cheeks; use the yellow paint to color-in your child's nose. Plop that floppy hat on their and head; they'll be scaring up a storm in no time.

7.Charlie Brown

This Charlie Brown costume is great for children of all ages. The items needed for this get-up are a pair of black shorts, a yellow t-shirt or polo and some black fabric. Trace and cut-out a continuous 'V' or wide 'W' pattern on the black fabric. Place the fabric towards the bottom of the yellow shirt and sew it on. Get your tiny tot dressed and they're ready to go trick-or-treating.


8.Turtle Costume

Your child will come out of their shell with this Turtle Costume. The materials needed for this costume are: a hole puncher, two large oval aluminum pans, agreen sweatshirt, a baseball hat and pants, two long shoelaces, green & yellow spray paint and one square of green stick-on felt. Spray one of the aluminum pans with the green paint and the other with yellow. Once the pans dry punch two holes at the top of each- take one shoelace and tie the end of it to one of the holes in the pan, then tie the other end to the second pan; do the same with the other shoe lace. Place the pans over your child's head and continue to decorate. Cut a triangle in the square felt - bend the base of the triangle, and stick it to the back of your child's sweat pants. Have your child put their baseball cap on backwards and they're ready to go.

9.Glamour Girl

Every little girl wants to look like their mommy and Halloween is the perfect time to do it. To achieve a 'Glamour Girl' look for your little one, just open up your closet and let your imagination run wild. Put your little lady in a shirt, a skirt and give them one of your purses to finish off the look. The clothes will need to be pinned or sewed in order to stay on correctly. And since it's Halloween, wearing a little of your make-up couldn't hurt to drive the look home.



If you want a couple of hours of silence, just put your child in a Mime costume. For this costume, you will need: black & white face paint, black gloves, a black hat, a black &white; striped shirt and a pair of black pants. This costume does not require any sewing or glue; it's just a matter of putting on the items. Once your child as put on all the cloth items, simply paint their entire face white and highlight their eyes and mouth with the black face paint. If you can't find a striped shirt, a plain black shirt will work as well.

11.Autumn Leaf Costume

This costume will leave any child wishing fall lasted all year long. This Autumn Wreath costume is all about the leaves. For this project you will need: wire, brown floral tape, and leaves - you can opt to gather leaves from a park or grab a leaf template from online and duplicate it as needed. To create the wreath-like effect wrap the floral tape around the wire until you have a round sash that can be placed around your child's body. Tape the leaves around the wire until you get the desired look. Do the same method when creating the crown.Put your child in solid-colored clothes from head-to-toe (preferably orange, brown or yellow to match the colors of the season), place the crown on their head and drape the sash on their shoulder.


12.Magician Costume

Bring a little magic into your child's life with this magician costume. To make your child the next Houdini, all you need is a suit, a fake carnation or rose and some black-and-satin fabric for their cape. Sew two strings to the opposing sides of the black-and-satin fabric and then tie it under the color of your child's shirt. Pin the fake flower onto their pocket, buy a wand from your nearest party supply store and your child will be making rabbits appear in no time.


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