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Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:58 pm

1.A lot of hair

The one thing you can say about this hairstyle is that there is a lot of hair going on and you would imagine that it would actually weigh quite a lot. This hairstyle is also very straight and is that a good thing to have?

2.Dark and normal

This just shows that she can actually do things normally because it looks like this is the hairstyle that she really should have. Do you not think that she suits it really well?

3.Yellow ends

These yellow ends are just horrible to look at and you do wonder what she was thinking of when she picked this style. The blond part is fine, but then it looks as if the color has run into something else leaving her like this.

4.Almost hippy like

With this hairstyle she almost looks like a hippy and the headband thing just adds to that feeling. However, she just does not look happy with it, so maybe it is a bit too normal for her liking.

5.It's thing

Ok there seems to be at least three different colors of hair going on here and that just makes this hairstyle very complex. The one thing you can say about it is that it is indeed very different.

6.Cropped and that color again

This is like the short version of the long dyed hairstyle mentioned elsewhere and in a strange way this one does actually look cool on her. It kind of gives her an edgy vibe, but once again you know that color will be changed immediately.

7.Far too much

Well what can you say about this apart from that there is too much hair going on. Where do you even begin with trying to describe what is happening on her head as it is just far too busy for any of it to make any kind of sense whatsoever.


8.Cropped and almost white

This is actually a hairstyle that she suits as it is cropped well and the color kind of works with her. The only sad thing is you know that she will change it pretty much straight away.


This hairstyle seems to involve long pigtails in one color and then the rest of her hair in another and it is certainly not something that you will tend to see on the catwalk or people like this in your shopping mall. There are just too many different styles going on for this to work.


10.With a bow on top

Well with this hairstyle she seems to have gone for a bow on top of her head and that is certainly a bit different from most people. It just seems strange doing it with hair rather than an actual bow.

11.Wow what a color

This color certainly helped her to stand out from the crowd although she has never found that to be a problem. It is certainly not a color that you will usually see on people, but is it cool?


12.Straight then curly

Well with this hairstyle she seems to have a couple of things going on. First she has it thick and straight, but then she has gone for this large curl thing at the bottom. Do you think she looks good in it?


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