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Most Hottest Men In The World

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 3:40 pm

1.Tom Hardy

Tom is often seen as being the hottest guy to come from the UK and he has certainly made a number of women weak at the knees since his career took off a few years ago. Women love when he strips down to reveal a toned torso, but they also love the rough edges about him and there is no doubt that some of the movies and shows have performed better just because of him.

2.Chace Crawford

They reckon that it is due to his floppy brown hair and striking blue eyes that so many women have fallen in love with Chace Crawford. He is of course in Gossip Girl, but now the gossip is always on what he is getting up and with who, but this does lead to countless numbers of women being jealous that he is not getting up to it with them.

3.Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling appears to be a serial dater of celebrities, so if they all think that he is hot, then can there be any kind of an argument against it? He is of course a respected actor in his own right and the fact that he is in certain shows does help to boost their ratings thanks to the women that think he is gorgeous and are willing to just look at him without even paying attention to the show.

4.Mark Wahlberg

Mark has changed from being a bit of a bad ass when he was younger into a well respected actor that can play either funny roles or action movies. Women love the kind of roughness that comes with him, and he certainly has to fight off the crowds of admirers at every premiere.

5.Scott Disick

You are going to know him due to Scott being the partner of Koutney Kardashian, so he does make regular appearances in their TV shows. He may not be a star due to what he himself does, but that does not matter when it comes to these kinds of lists as enough people know who he is, even though they do not know what he does, and they think that he is hot, so that is all that counts.

6.Harry Styles

He may be young, but he is the heart throb in the band One Direction and this has led to him being screamed at by more teenage girls than you could ever care to imagine. He is the guy in the band that they all want to be with and he certainly adds to that feeling by playing the field a bit, especially with older women, and with more music and concerts to do Harry Styles fever is only going to build.

7.Bradley Cooper

Bradley has this mixture of good looks, charm, and he is a cool and funny guy, so you can see why he appears in these kinds of lists on a regular basis. He has certainly shot to fame in the last few years and a lot of women are glad that this happened as it allows them to admire him and his work and only dream of being the lucky lady to be with him.


8.Henry Cavill

There is no doubt that playing Superman has helped to increase public awareness of Henry Cavill and it has certainly led to more women being aware of him and of course they could also admire his body in the movie as well. He certainly manages to fit in with the idea of tall, dark, and handsome and he is going to become an even bigger star over the next couple of years.

9.George Clooney

George has been appearing in these lists for a number of years now and he is still seen as one of the hottest men alive and adored by countless numbers of women. He is certainly aging very well indeed and he is still managing to look great as the hair changes color and shows that you do not have to jump for the hair dye as soon as possible.


10.Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas has really grown since his first appearance in a movie starring alongside Hugh Grant in the movie 'About a Boy' and indeed he is now seen as one of the coolest young actors around. Women seem to love his boyish charm and boyish good looks, but he also tends to style himself very well indeed as the pictures show.

11.Robert Pattinson

If you are the star of the Twilight saga, then clearly you are going to be loved by a huge number of people and this is certainly the case with Robert. He has a bit of charm about him, a cheeky smile, and of course he is also a talented actor and all of those things do undoubtedly help with him being voted one of the hottest men in the world.


12.Adam Levine

The thing about Adam Levine is that he is also a cool guy who appear to be quite laid back, but of course the fact that he is also famous does help when it comes to him being voted as one of the hottest guys in the world. He has an amazing voice and you just know that almost any woman would want to be with him.


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