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Most Insane Dresses Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 9:20 am

1.Oh look, a tent dress

This dress comes with a couple of purposes as you can wear it, although you need stilts to reach the ground, and it is also a tent if the weather closes in. Clearly it will also only come in one color, which is camouflage.

2.The octopus dress

This may as well be called the octopus dress, but how annoying would it be to walk around holding those things up all day? This shows that there are times where dresses are designed by people that are insane because who would do this?

3.Just bizarre

OK so can you provide an explanation for this dress? It appears to have masks at the bottom and rolls of pastry wrapped around the face. Do you think that is exactly what was going through the mind of the designer?

4.Leaves, and more leaves

Ok so this was made in order to prove a point, but it is still a dress that is made up of leaves and that can never be good. Yes it might be better for the environment, but what about slugs?

5.A dress for guys

Well this idea is going to sink faster than the Titanic and you can just tell that the male model is not impressed and that he has put on a genuine expression here. This designer must have been tripping at the time they came up with this.

6.It glows??

This dress ends up giving you its own light show and you have to question the sanity of the person that designed it. This is only good if you have a power cut and there is a battery option because at least then other people can see where they are going.

7.Is it Bigfoot?

Is this dress based on Bigfoot? That is certainly the impression that it gives and nobody in their right mind would even entertain the idea of wearing this at any point. There is just far too much hair going on for its own good.


8.Where do you start?

Where do you even start when trying to describe this particular dress? It is an absolute mess from top to bottom and it looks like it could just fall apart at any minute never mind the fact that it is clearly not practical.

9.A skull?

Surely nobody in their right mind would end up walking along the street wearing this particular dress? Why would you want to walk with a giant skull at your legs? This would get the strangest looks ever and you can understand why.


10.Just hideous

This has to be a contender for the worst wedding dress ever because it looks as if it could glow in the dark. It is just an absolute mess and you wonder what on earth was going on in her mind when she decided that this is what she wanted.


This dress was made for a wedding and you have to question the sanity of the bride if she thought that this was a good idea. Even the chef looks a bit unsure about his creation, but then you do expect things to fall off at any moment.



At what point does a designer look at Kermit the frog and think..well that is a great idea!!! That must be what happened here because how else can you explain a dress that looks like this? It is just beyond mad.


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