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12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 4:30 pm

Almost all young women desire beautiful nails, but a lot of them find it difficult to keep their fingernails healthy and shining. Girls, don't you like it when your nails shimmer despite not having nail polish on them? Most women tend to neglect their nails because they are almost always hiding them beneath a layer of polish or lacquer. Beautiful fingernails speak for themselves! They don't need to be covered up. If you wish to beautify your nails, simply follow these 12 DIY nail tips, tricks, and hacks!
4.Take Vitamin B Supplements For Beautiful Nails

As said earlier, one can't make their nails look good when their health is not in good shape. Fragile, brittle, chipped, sore, and pitted nails are a sign that a person is either undernourished or suffering from an underlying medical condition. If you find your nails showing any of the conditions mentioned above, you may cure them with dietary supplements. Vitamin B is known to be an influencer when it comes to fingernail growth and health, hence, you may take Vitamin B as well as biotin supplements for healthy nails.

Take Vitamin B Supplements For Beautiful Nails-12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

5.Never Cut Cuticles

Most of us have this habit of cutting cuticles along with nails, which, according to dermatologists, is a bad thing to do. Ideally, you should keep your cuticles intact as they act as a barrier that prevents bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms from entering into the fingernail bed. Once those microbes penetrate and get under the nail bed, they cause infection, which further leads to black or deformed nails.

Never Cut Cuticles-12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

6.Do This For A Smooth Nail Polish

Before you put on nail polish, dip your fingers in water and vinegar solution. Vinegar cleanses nails and removes any existing traces of previously applied lacquer, oils, or nail polish remover. It not only helps nail polish to stick well but also ensures the polish looks even without any bumps or bubbles. If you think the procedure is cumbersome, simply rub your fingernails with cotton or moist cloth dipped in vinegar. Don't forget to water down vinegar before using it. It reduces the acidic nature of vinegar and makes it skin friendly.

Do This For A Smooth Nail Polish-12 Healthy And Pretty Nails Tips You Can Try Today

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