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Wackiest Rings To Wear

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 5:05 pm

1.Collector Items

If you are a fan of handbags and shoes, this ring collection could fast become your favorite. You get to wear them on your hands all day and never stop collecting


Going for the grunge look? These fly rings will certainly add that extra something to your entire outfit. Their little legs and wings wobble as you wave your hand about!


Is this a lovely kebab? Or a health skewer in a small portion? No! It's a ring! The spike at the end could cause some problems we reckon, as you go about your day?

4.The Whole Finger

Why wear a ring when you can wear the whole finger? These unusual rings are quite beautiful in silver and also come with painted nails if you require.

5.A Work of Art

Why stop at one plate of food when choosing a wacky ring? This designer makes tons of plates of food but in a very stylized way. They are quite trendy and rather delicious looking all in one.


Another wacky yet beautifully designed right. The beer comes complete with pour action. This ring is sure to get loads of attention as well as 'Oohs!' and 'Ohs!'.

7.Mansion of Her Dreams

If you want to buy her a castle or a mansion perhaps stick it on top of a ring? it certainly is cheaper and as they say, it is the thought that counts. However, she may have been anticipating something a bit bigger when you said you were buying her a house.


8.Here's Looking at You Kid

These funny goggle eyed rings even blink. They certainly are eye catching as far as rings go! However, do not wear them to a fancy party because there is a good chance that they will not fit in with the theme.

9.Pac Man Attack!

A little nostalgic and very innovative. Or is that wacky? The Pac Man ring complete with his Pac Man gobble action. Some people have to love it and how cool would it be to wear this out?



Can't afford to get married or engaged because of the cost of rings? Hold back no more just give her a few screws! However, you should be warned that this might not get the response you hoped for.

11.Modern Perspective

This coke and burger ring is really quite artfully done on closer inspection. It might be wacky but it sure is unique. Food seems quite a popular replacement for diamonds and precious gems. Is it a sign of our economy?


12.As Rare as Hens Teeth

Fancy a silver and tooth ring? Before you baulk at this wacky collection you could always keep your kids teeth in a ring? Either way, this has to be the number one wackiest ring ever thought of.


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