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'10 Points For Gryffindor' Memes

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:26 am

1.You did it didn't you?

You may as well admit that you just read this in his voice and you were unable to stop yourself. It's ok it is only natural to do something like that, but you still lose 10 points as a result.

2.Even the cat is involved

Even the cat is involved in dishing out 10 points and if you love the little guy, then surely these points will mean more to you? We should be giving him 10 points back just for wearing that hat.

3.Keep him happy

It is essential that you keep him happy because boy will he punish you if that is not the case. He really does have the power to take points off you and he will certainly use those powers if he has to.

4.Unacceptable behavior is always punished

The one thing that you have to learn is that if you do something wrong, then you are going to lose points, so is there any excuse? Of course how many you lose depends on what you have done, so be thankful that it is only 10 in this instance.

5.A sinister 50 points

Yeah those are some sinister points that are being taken off you here, but then check out the look in her eyes and try not to feel scared by them. If she says you are losing 50 points, then you are losing 50 points.

6.10 points with passion

The one thing that you have to say about this one is that the 10 points are being given with passion because look at the effort he is putting into this. He knows that he has to use them wisely, so well done Harry.

7.So cool

You just know that if you were in the same class as her that you would also be doing this at every opportunity. There is something about us humans that just makes us want to act like children wherever possible.


8.A holy 10 points

Surely a holy 10 points is worth a lot more due to the passion with which they are awarded? Come on you have to admit that this is the coolest way to be awarded them because just look at that wink.

9.Trouble is worth 10 points

In this instance those are 10 well earned points and it would have been higher if the image had been her wearing them. This points award could very well be under review if that did indeed happen.


10.It's too much for Snape

Yep it really is too much for Snape and he has no option but to award 10 points. Even he has been shocked by the transformation from a schoolgirl into a fully grown woman.

11.It looks more than 10

Let's be honest here it does look like he has had more than 10 pints with the state he is in. In all honesty it is a bit of a miracle that he is even standing never mind being able to lift that thing up so high.


12.10 points for a smile?

So you smile at him and you get 10 points? Well how were we to know that it would be that easy? Surely that just means that we will start smiling all over the place?

13.Is it for the horse?

This is only a guess, but are the 10 points because of the horse? You would certainly like to think so because it is a nice one just it would have been good for Daniel not to be standing in front of it.

14.A bad move

Yeah if Snape is not amused, then you know that things are not going to go well at all. It is a miracle that only 10 points have been taken considering he does not look happy in the slightest.

15.Daniel deserves points

Yep Daniel does indeed deserve his 10 points here and considering what the subject is you could argue that he deserves a whole lot more. However, you can also understand his confusion can't you?

16.Sly is worth more

What it is saying here is that Sylvester Potter is worth double the points of Harry, but then you can kind of understand where they are coming from. However, that does not take away from the fact that it is actually quite a scary photograph.

17.A good shot

Yep that must have been a good shot in order to get 10 points, but then surely if it was that good it would have been worth a whole lot more? Surely they need to put the play under review?

18.Well that is cheeky

There is no doubt that that is cheeky and in this instance the amount of points that are given to Gryffindor does not even matter. Instead, it is enough to know that the competition is of course being abused, so how can we believe what we are seeing?

19.A good counter

Well this is the kind of countering that you do not mind especially if it leads to you getting 10 points. However, it would have been nice for him to have given more points.

20.A bit harsh

Well that is a bit harsh just for having a different opinion. Does the number of points deducted vary depending on how different the opinion is? Do you have a sliding scale?

21.Disobedience is good?

So let us get this straight, if you break every rule, then you get 50 points? This seems out of proportion considering Emma Watson only got 10 points?

22.A good review

Well they clearly thought about it carefully, had a consultation and the end result is indeed 10 points. The crowd lets out a sigh of relief as they thought there was some kind of infringement earlier on in the play.

23.Undoubtedly 10 points

The way that she has turned into a gorgeous woman is indeed worth 10 points, so there is no point in complaining about it. The only surprise is that it was limited to 10.

24.A challenge

Well it looks like good old Harry is putting up a challenge here with the way his arms are out and that menacing look on his face. Yeah ok he is just a kid, so it is not the toughest challenge you have faced.


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