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15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:26 pm

Where there are people, there is mess. Gyms or fitness centers are no exception. If you go to gym regularly, you will understand the pain! We bet more than half of the people who hit gym regularly doesn’t know what gym etiquette is. They do all sorts of things knowingly unknowingly, which only irritates other people around. Here are 15 annoying things people usually do at gyms.
1.Trying to Talk with People with Headphones on

This usually happens a lot in gyms. Gym goers, newbies in particular try to talk with seniors for an advice or something. When people had earphones in their ears, try not to disturb them. Most people use earphones to prevent other people talking to them. 

Trying to Talk with People with Headphones on-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

2.Roaming Around the Locker Rooms Little Freely

We don’t know what some people think of them! They believe it’s perfectly fine to roam around the locker room and shower areas in the gym with little or no clothes. Showing your naked body to people is not acceptable, even if they are from same gender. Even squirrels hate seeing those hanging nuts. 

Roaming Around the Locker Rooms Little Freely-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

3.Asking Newbies to Help

As instructors aren’t always available on demand for every individual at gym, some senior guys in the gym love to befriend newbies so they can be used for spotting. Newbies absolutely love helping the seniors out because they can learn a few tips and tricks. What could possibly go wrong? Check the image and you will know it!

Asking Newbies to Help-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym


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