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15 Architecture Fails

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 10:56 pm

Professionals like architects can’t afford to make mistakes, as their mistakes can prove costly. What if they do make mistakes? Below are fifteen images that show how architects failed at their job. These images will make us wonder what is in the minds of these architects when they are doing stuff like this.
1.A Pole in the Middle of Road

We really wonder whose idea is this to install a power pole right in the middle of road. We are not sure if the road was laid before or after the pole was installed. It is a terrible mistake, and it can prove fatal. People who are responsible for this oddly placed power pole had one architecture job and failed miserably at it.

A Pole in the Middle of Road-15 Architecture Fails


2.So Many Fails in One Picture

First, this balcony looks a little odd. It seems to be alienated from the rest of the house. Second, this balcony was built on top of a railroad. This balcony is a good place to enjoy a coffee, only if the railroad beneath was an abandoned one. 

So Many Fails in One Picture-15 Architecture Fails


3.Failed Architect and the Doors to Heaven

Does it sound like the name of a film? We are talking about this dangerous looking piece of construction, made by a really crazy architect. No one can use this door from the outside except Batman, Spider-Man, or Superman. We don’t see any purpose even from the inside. This place is ridiculously dangerous, especially when you have kids, the elderly or drunkards in the home.

Failed Architect and the Doors to Heaven-15 Architecture Fails

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