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15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:10 am

If being dumb were a religion, these 15 stupid people would probably qualify to be called saints of it! For us, they are clearly the dumbest humans in the world. Hey, it's okay to be a dim-witted person. The real reason why we hate brainless people is that they consistently deny opportunities to learn, and continue to dwell in their dreary and ignorant world. Guess what? They think everyone around them is a fool! Check these 15 instances when thickheaded people publicly demonstrated their dumbness! 
1.Because Paris is the Only Country in the World to Have Transmission Lines

Let's kick start this dumb people list in style with dumb person, who mistakes a power transmission line to Eiffel Tower. Oh boy, does that really look like Eiffel Tower? At least this person knows Eiffel Tower is located in Paris. We bet you can't stop laughing at this dumb question.

Because Paris is the Only Country in the World to Have Transmission Lines-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

2.What's Her Point?

It requires some IQ and serious thinking skills to even understand what this girl was saying? Apparently, she thinks China is ahead of US in terms of time; which is right. How in a world can China guess future? It looks like this girl has missed all of her high school geography classes. This is not how time works, this is not how anything in this world works!

What's Her Point?-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

3.Good Bye, I'm Outta US

Most people in most countries are usually unhappy with their government for many reasons. It's acceptable. This person in the image too was not happy with US government, which is understandable and acceptable, as government can't impress each and every individual. He says he is moving to California because he isn't happy with US government? Canada would have saved him exposing his dumbness to the world.

Good Bye, I'm Outta US-15 Dumbest People You Will Ever See

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