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15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:10 pm

The world is no short of dumb people, and will never run out of them. What makes a person dumb? There are many things that make a person dumb from ignorance to inability to think right and logically. Dumb people look like everyone until they open their mouth or let their feelings out. Here are fifteen dumb people who have come up with dumbest tweets ever!
1.Baracco Barner

This name sounds like name of a multivitamin capsule or some weird herbal product! Can you guess who Baracco Barner is? Yes, right! She means Barack Obama! The worst hasn't come yet! She's from UK, not US! Apparently, she thinks Baracco Barner is UK's president! We don't have clue on what she was talking about!

Baracco Barner-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

2.Happy Labor Day to All Mothers in the World

Did that person skipped school? If you are not from US; US celebrates first Monday of September every year as Labor Day, marking American labor movement. This person from unknown country has got Labor Day completely wrong. This is why we all call them dumb! Dumb people are dumb because they deny knowledge, and live in their own insane world!

Happy Labor Day to All Mothers in the World-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

3.Someone Went Full Retard There

There's a thing called Google, and it would answer all our questions better than mom, dad, teacher or sometimes even God! This guy clearly doesn't know both Rock and Dwayne Johnson are same. All he could have done before posting this nonsense is some Google search. This guy can be a strong contender for 'world's dumbest person' award. 

Someone Went Full Retard There-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

4.He Unlocked a Newer Dumbness Level

One doesn't simply go dumb instantly! Dumbness is a long time procedure and people keep unlocking their levels with dumb acts every time. Here, as you can see in the image, this dude just unlocked a new dumbness level! The higher the level, the more the fame! You can see commonsense and dumbness at one place in this image!

He Unlocked a Newer Dumbness Level-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

5.Hall of Cost

If you are wondering what hall of cost is all about, let's tell you that he means 'Holocaust'. This image is a great example how some dumb people don't really look dumb, but are actually super dumb! His tweet would have made some sense if he could have known a little more about history, and a little more about Holocaust.

Hall of Cost-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

6.When Someone Can't Differentiate Between Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman

This guy in the image doesn't know both of them clearly. If knew who Nelson Mandela is, he wouldn't have used this image. If he knew who Morgan Freeman is, he would never do this terrible mistake. He's not the one! Many people including celebrities from around the world shared Morgan Freeman's photo instead of Nelson Mandela's when Mandela died. 

When Someone Can't Differentiate Between Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

7.Dumbness Can Cost People Badly

We all have people like this on our social networking accounts who wouldn't stop sharing random stuff. This dumb girl here in the image actually shared her debit card details publicly on her twitter account! She even shared her CVV publicly! Apparently, she doesn't understand how credit/debit cards or whole money thing works! This is dumbness at its peaks!

Dumbness Can Cost People Badly-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

Dumbness Can Cost People Badly-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever


8.She Came Out in Six Months as Half Evolved

This girl is more than just dumb! She deserves a crown if there's ever a crown for dumbness. Apparently, she thinks a woman need to carry babies for 27 months if she has to give birth to triplets. She should have asked her mother and confirm it before tweeting this utter nonsense on twitter.

She Came Out in Six Months as Half Evolved-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

9.Yes, and Requires No Visa to Visit and Get Infected

Dear all dumb people, if you have a question in mind, please use Google or ask someone who is highly tolerant in your friends' circle, so you get the right answer. Posting stuff like this on twitter or other social media websites will be a disgrace to your friends, family and even your employers! 

Yes, and Requires No Visa to Visit and Get Infected-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever


10.Self Declared Grammar Queen

We all wish our girlfriends to be logically correct, and we don't care about grammar or something. Unless someone's a poet or story writer, there's no point boasting or talking about his or her grammatical skills! Check this lady who is happily boasting her good for nothing grammar! 

Self Declared Grammar Queen-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

11.Let's Improvise!

Can sex be good without an organism?
Can sex be good without sexual organs?
Can sex be good without organizing it well?
Can sex be good if we eat organic food?

Let's Improvise!-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

12.Apple, Is That Your New Head Quarters?

Have you ever heard of Ifold Tower? We didn't hear either! Can you guess what that tower he's talking about is? It's easy, right? Yes, he means Eiffel Tower. Well, he's dumb, but definitely not dumber than that lady who called Barack Obama 'Barraco Barner'!

Apple, Is That Your New Head Quarters?-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

13.A Tiny Dot of Blood

This is 'Grade A' dumbness! What exactly is female body pollution? Well, this is the weirdest thing we have heard is sometime! If women's bodies are really polluted, who can actually pollute them other than men? If evolution spoils their bodies, it should spoil men's bodies also! When creative people are dumb, you hear theories like these!

A Tiny Dot of Blood-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

14.Welcome to Dumbass Club

Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Our very own human race is about 200,000 years old. How can she simply say earth is 2014 years old? This post will irk you a lot if you are a teacher! Well, if you are a teacher, we have a question for you! How can we let people like this escape from school with no knowledge?

Welcome to Dumbass Club-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

15.I Rather Kill Myself Than Reading This Tweet

Girl, could you please explain what's difference between suicide and killing yourself? This would have sounded powerful and epic if she could have used any other word than 'suicide'. She is clearly dumb, and has no clue on what she is talking about. Somebody please tell her killing herself is nothing but suicide.

I Rather Kill Myself Than Reading This Tweet-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever


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