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15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 3:18 pm

We all enjoy eating eggs. Do you ever think we could use those eggshells in one or the way? We certainly can't use them, but there are some talented people out there in the world who can carve beautiful sculptures, structures, and pieces of art using eggshells. Eggshell carvings are a form of decorative art. The art is very popular in the Eastern European countries. An eggshell carving is made out of a goose, duck, or a hen's egg. For bigger and complex carvings, emu and ostrich eggshells are used. See 15 eggshell carving pictures that are breathtakingly beautiful! 
1.Celtic cross

If you wish to have religious symbols, then surely nothing is going to be better than this example of the Celtic cross? The carving does leave only slender pieces of the shell still in place resulting in a design that is both powerful in what it says and gorgeous to look at.

2.Mona Lisa

Yes believe it or not, but this is actually the Mona Lisa carved into an egg and the resemblance really is outstanding. This is clearly done in a different way to the perforated carving that is shown elsewhere, but the skill involved is really just the same. The fact that you can tell what it is from the moment you look at it is the important art after all.


The cool part about this carving is that you can almost imagine it actually being able to be used as a basket, even though that would not be recommended, and the work that has gone into it really is outstanding. There is a lot going on with the actual design as every single part of the shell is included making this a fantastic example of a very difficult type of art.

Basket-15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful


This is quite a cool scene of a deer in the forest and you cannot fail to be impressed by the craftsmanship that has gone into its creation. The detail on the deer including its antlers and even the muscles in its body does mark this out as being rather special and the way that the bark is even carved into the tree just adds an extra dimension to an image that is already fantastic.

5.Cartoon cat

How cute and cool is this cartoon cat? The majority of the egg is very intricate with the way it is all cut out, but the actual main figure is so good that you can easily imagine it moving and making noises, but all in a cartoon kind of way. For some reason it would actually look worse if it had been colored in as the white shell just gives it some kind of innocence.

6.The world

This egg is really self-explanatory as it is clearly a map of the world, but in egg form. The best part is that you can easily recognize the different continents and it shows the skill of the artist in that they are actually able to achieve this via an egg. You can even sit and work out where your own city is in this rather unique map.

7.Coat of arms

You can actually imagine some landed gentry asking to have this carving done just to put in their display cabinet and show how important they actually are in society. There is a lot of work in this kind of design as the majority of the rest of the egg is simply carved away leaving this intricate design that shows every tiny detail of the coat of arms.



You simply cannot make a mistake with the design of this egg as it is so clearly a group of butterflies moving around the egg. The detail on the butterflies is amazing as you see lines in their wings and even parts of their body and this is a prime example as to how much effort is put into the production of these eggshell carvings.

9.Dot flowers

Perhaps the part about this carving that really does get to you is the way in which almost all of it has been carved away leaving only these flimsy pieces of eggshell. It really does blow the mind as to how this is achieved and surely there have been a few broken eggs in the process as they try to carve something as intricate as this?



At first this may not be that appealing, but you have to think about the skill involved in its creation to see how difficult it must be to carve this out without any damage being done. Those squares are hardly touching one another, so those points have to be quite weak, but the fact that they have managed to do it does show how talented they are.

11.Egg In An Egg

This is cool as it has an egg within an egg and even though they are of course two different carvings it does show how well they work together in this medium. You can only imagine how difficult it would have been to cut out those large holes on the sides without the entire thing breaking so their hand must be rock steady at all times.

Egg In An Egg-15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful


How cool is this unicorn carving? Once again there is a lot going on and the unicorn itself appears to be alive and full of energy and it just shows how good the artist must have been in order to actually manage to do this particular carving. The detail in it right down to marks to indicate hair shows their eye for detail and overall it is a spectacular example of a difficult art to master.


There appears to be so much life in this carving and it is certainly extremely well done and is different from other carvings where they tend to focus more on piercing the entire egg rather than just having a single scene such as this. The birds look so realistic that it is amazing to think of the material that they are carved out of.

Birds-15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful

14.The Lady

As if the rest of the egg was not good enough you only have to look at the lady that has been carved in there to see how talented this artists actually is. The detail in the tiny fragments of egg shell behind her just adds to the overall appeal of the picture and you can only imagine how long it took them to produce such a great example of egg carving.

The Lady-15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful


The detail in this particular egg carving is amazing because individual leaves have been carved out on the flowers leading to it looking like this. You also then need to remember that the rest of the surface has been pitted as well to give it texture and the overall look is an egg that really is an absolute work of art.

Flowers-15 Eggshell Carvings That Are Beautiful


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